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What's Your Key to Smashing Overwhelm?


The most important thing about manifesting

There is one key thing most people forget when mastering manifesting: You don’t have to learn how to do it!! You’re actually doing it all the time. ‘Manifesting’ may sound mysterious and magical but it is actually nothing but pure and predictable science. It’s how the... read more

How to get more by caring less

Every time this happens, it still blows me away! In the Thoughts Become Things Experience – the 2 Day workshop of awesomeness I host – I give women a big long list of things & tell them to get outside and manifest as many as possible within 1 hour.... read more

Why Gratitude Can Hold You Back

Gratitude isn’t always a good idea As I was flicking through my book, I came across the page where I talk about why it’s so important to say thanks. Expressing appreciation and gratitude for what you have in your life – and for the magic & wonder of... read more

Why some people will get left behind

It’s sad, but true – some people will get left behind. As you start growing and discovering all you’re capable of, believing in yourself in incredible new ways and opening your mind to the infinite Possibilities of life, you’ll find that some people are….... read more

The REAL Secret To Life Balance

The REAL Secret To Life Balance Everyone is after that elusive Life Balance – but does it really exist? In this video: Why you will never have perfect life balance What life balance really means How to feel balanced in the chaos TWEET THIS:    The REAL Secret To... read more

#1IAM Spotlight Story: Meet Patty Blue Hayes

Life Live On Purpose! Find out more at www.1inamillionproject.org People are absolutely amazing and people’s stories are even more amazing. When you spend time talking to just about anyone, you soon find an incredible and inspiring story. Here is today’s 1... read more

Why I decided to own my sh#t & you should too!

Why I decided to own my sh#t & you should too! As a female entrepreneur, you’re constantly trying to refine your message and own your space. But are you holding yourself back without even realising? Have fear & limiting beliefs got you sabotaging yourself... read more

One Simple Way To Change Your World

One Simple Way To Change Your World Did you know that only YOU see the world as YOU see it? Perception is Reality! Your expectation determines how you see any situation. And your expectation is based on how you perceive the situation based on your beliefs. That means... read more

How to Manifest What You Want

GREAT NEWS – Mini-Manifestival Starts Monday 11th July 2016! Join the 7 day challenge & up-level your manifesting superpowers. 7 days, 7 manifesting skills Daily Video Lessons Daily Challenges Closed Facebook Group Supportive, Fun & Interactive and only... read more

What Happens When You Leave The Cave

What Happens When You Leave The Cave Imagine you’re a prisoner in a cave and that cave is all you’ve ever known. You’re chained to a whole lot of other prisoners. It’s dark and dank and you can’t really see anything. This is how many of us live our lives – until... read more