2 quick tips on how to avoid hitting crisis point

TodaysWomanBookIsn’t it strange – and annoying …

… how it’s often not ’til we hit crisis point and our back is right up against the wall, that we do something drastic, pull out all stops and make a massive change?


Wouldn’t it be easier to make sure we stay on course so we don’t get there in the first place?

Here is a video for you on WHY it happens & 2 Quick Tips on how to avoid hitting crisis point and stay on track:

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Cheers for now!

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Career Choices and Fulfilment

career choice pgotoDo you ever wonder, “Would different career choices have given me more fulfillment?”

Do you ever wonder if maybe the grass is greener on the other side?

As my daughter is starting to consider a career in medicine, it’s caused me to reflect back on my own career choices.

You see, I almost did study medicine. In fact, I nominated it as the second choice on my University application, even though Engineering, the course I did end up taking, was far easier to get into.

What would life have been like if I’d taken that path?

To read the whole article I wrote for SheKnows whilst pondering this, just CLICK HERE.


Managing Transitions… or “HELP!!! I’m going out of my mind!”

http://TodaysWomanExperience.comAre you busy building a new business? Like… CRAZY busy…  and sometimes wonder how you’ll ever make it across that finish line?



Here’s a couple of tips to help you get to the other side:

Stay beautiful! Your life is just ahead of you…

xx Miriam

Meeting other people’s expectations…

other people's expectationsIf you’ve been feeling stressed & overwhelmed, ask yourself, “Whose Expectations Am I Trying To Meet?”

Sit down and make a list of all the things you’re trying to do, then figure out which of those are there to please YOU, which are there to make other people happy and which are only there because you feel ‘it’s the right thing to do’?

The thing with trying to do what you feel is EXPECTED of you is that often when you dig a little deeper – you find it’s not really expected of you at all! D’OH!

So why take a chance? Do what is most important TO YOU – and trust yourself.

Here’s a quick video I made for you about this. Enjoy!!

How about you? Do you try to meet other people’s expectations – and is it slowly driving you nuts?

Please let me know your thoughts – just hit ‘Reply’ at the top of this post!

xx Miriam

Affirmations Not Working?

Afformations Not Working?Do you practise Affirmations?

If you’ve ever had trouble with them and felt a bit like a parrot repeating a lie over and over again , it might be time to change tact.
There is an alternative to Affirmations which takes advantage of your subconscious’ love of solving problems and answering questions.



Here, allow me to explain:

5 Reasons For Eliminating Worry And Self Doubt

eliminating worry and self doubtDo you ever find yourself caught up in worry and self-doubt ?

We all have moments of self-doubt, times where we feel like we’ve bitten off more than we can chew, where we fear we won’t be able to finish what we started, that we’ll end up disappointed, embarrassed or humiliated. We worry about looking incompetent and wish we’d never put our hand up to being with.

Whilst this is pretty normal for most people, it happens a lot more frequently for some than others.

How can you tell?

Just have a look at how successful and happy someone is. It usually correlates directly to the amount of time and energy they spend on doubt and worry.

Click HERE to read an article I published for The V&S Show on 5 REASONS why you must work on eliminating doubt and worry if you want your goals, hopes and dreams to come true:


Why You Need To Get Your Pitch Sorted

what's your pitch?How Do You Respond When Someone Asks, “So, what do YOU do?”

Does it make you uncomfortable – do you waffle on, do you change the topic?


Here’s my thoughts on how to quickly and easily develop a clear pitch so others can benefit from what you have to offer:

I invite you to post your pitch below! 

Feel welcome to post a link to your website or Facebook page too.


Are you learning from frustration or just banging your head against the wall..?

Frustrated? Time to learn the lesson...Do you ever get the feeling you’re banging your head against a wall?

Figuratively, I mean.

This is how I’ve been feeling lately. You see, I was stuck on a particular marketing strategy for my book and the whole project ground to a standstill for months on end while I continued to push, pull, shove, maneuver and stubbornly persevere.

Frustration mounted, I stopped enjoying the process and I couldn’t even seem to find time to be creative anymore. I suddenly realized I’d stopped doing all the things I loved and brought me joy. I felt like I was stuck in quicksand. Do you ever have one of those dreams where you’re running but just not getting anywhere?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for perseverance. Perseverance has brought me to where I am in life. Perseverance has allowed me to survive the hard times and rise from them triumphantly.

Read the whole article on learning from frustration here:  SheKnows


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Reprogram Your Mind – And Break Free From That Voice Inside Your Head

DYI BrainwashingA while back we talked about that voice inside your head and how it can keep you all tied up.

That voice which continuously runs like a broken record is actually programming you and as a consequence it’s running your life! The voice is conditioning you to see life a certain way and has you adopting certain beliefs. It makes you see the world through a filter that matches the self-image it’s painting for you at the same time.

Once your program has been set in place and you press ‘Play’, the show keeps running on autopilot – unless you intervene. If you don’t, your life will just continue to serve up things which match that self image – good or bad.

You see, our conditioning affects our habits – how we act on a daily basis without conscious thought. And how we act directly affects what happens in our lives.

 TO READ the rest of this article I recently wrote for “The V& S Show”, just CLICK HERE


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DIVE IN.. and discover your self-worth

Over the past couple of years, the single most important thing I’ve learned is this:

No matter how hard you work or how many goals you set, you only ever get what you feel you are worthy of. Not a penny more.

Sadly, many people simply don’t feel worthy of the things they desire. Not in the deepest, darkest inner workings of their soul, they don’t.

After decades of studying personal development and neuroscience, of practicing visualization, goal setting and affirmations, I came to a single conclusion about the things I was still working hard for. There was only one thing standing in the way: what I felt worthy of having, achieving, being and doing.

I realized that like most people, when things came too easily, I simply didn’t feel like I deserved them. Surely I’d have to work a little harder for them first?

The thing about our sense of self-worth is that we are masters at fooling ourselves about it.


The above is an excerpt from a post I wrote for SheKnows.


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