After years of trying to figure out how to achieve my goals, how to become a conscious creator, years of studying the mind, studying psychology, spirituality, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, conscious creation etc etc etc and trying pretty much every technique and strategy in every bloody book I could get my hands on – often to great frustration as to WHY this stuff seems to work for others but just not for ME –  I’ve finally cracked a simple code that works!!!  YAY!!!


So I’ve put together a handy Vision Ignition Sequence to also help you crack the code – and you won’t have to read nearly as much as I did.

You can easily follow and implement his sequence, then practise it until you start experiencing some very cool shifts in your life. (at that point I will be happy to accept red wine, chocolates, flowers or just the dedication of your next bestselling book – any of them will do just fine. Thanks so much!)


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I’ll spend the next few posts covering each step for you, so stay tuned!


xx Miriam


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