Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business. The place where we practice the art and science of Effectology, which is all about marrying the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the hustle.

Let’s talk about goals.

So, if your 2019 goals have got you scared already, or maybe you didn’t set any because you decided you didn’t want to be scared about them or you didn’t want to be disappointed by them OR maybe you don’t believe in goal setting (which is kind of my attitude as well and I’ll talk about that) then have a listen up.

If that’s how you’re feeling about goals you’ve got two options:




The first option is, you can go ahead and set that goal but then you need to make it your mission to actually get in alignment with it… to become a vibrational match to the version of you that is at the other end… that’s got the “thing” and that needs to be your focus. Your focus needs to be on constantly, consistently, staying in alignment and lining up with that. That takes vigilance, takes a lot of persistence, and it’s all about the alignment.

Now, the second option you’ve got is, don’t worry about setting the goal and just worry about alignment. Just worry about lining up with the version of you that feels great because life is fantastic. I like that option!

That option, especially for people who are not so well practised at this, means that you leave a lot of space for the magic of the Universe to come to your aid and put things together in a way that really is gonna thrill you. And it also means you don’t get fixated on the goal and whether or not you’re on your way and whether or not you’re kind of at the point you should be at to hit the target at the end of the day.

Because you’re not distracted by the goal you can actually just focus on what it takes to achieve the goal anyway, which is your state of alignment.

That’s the much easier option, especially for people who are not masters of maintaining their alignment….because you focus on other stuff during the day and it’s not necessarily what you’ve decided to make your life’s work or your number one priority each day.

Having said that… I actually do think you should make that your number one priority each day because once you do, everything else in life becomes easy!

But if you haven’t mastered it yet then, for now, leave the goal.

If you do really want to set some goals for 2019 because goals excite you, or you’re just sick of kind of feeling like you’re back in the same place at the end of the year as you were at the start of the year, then have a look around and stalk me or message me because I am running a January intensive to help you align your abundance vibe to your 2019 success.

So, yes, we will set goals, but then we’re going to park them and go:

“Right, what actually needs to happen in terms of alignment, in terms of clearing out negative thinking and limiting beliefs that might get in your way, and in terms of keeping you on track on a practical level so that you can achieve the goal?”

So the goal is just the “thing,” but then it’s all about YOU.

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Until next time, keep on embracing your beautiful, and unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


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