Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business. The place where we practice the art and science of Effectology, which is all about marrying the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the hustle.

Let’s talk about alignment, again.

But let’s talk about what it actually is because everyone talks about it, but sometimes you think, “Do I actually know exactly what that means?” So we’re going to talk about that.

So, let’s take a step back. You, babycakes, are an electromagnetic being.

You are this little unit that walks around emitting an electromagnetic signal. You’ve got this electrical thought energy, you’ve got this magnetic heart energy. All of that together is your unique electromagnetic signature. That resonates and communicates with everything around you. Even if you walk into a room and there’s been an argument or there’s been some violence in there, you can feel the yucky vibes. That is just you picking up on the energy of the room. That is your field responding to that field. Or sometimes your partner or someone you know reasonably well walks in and you just go, “What’s wrong?” That’s not because you read their mind, it’s because you read and feel their energy. Your energy’s communicating with theirs.

That is happening all the time. You can either be a match to some really yucky and unpleasant things or you can be a match to the highest, most evolved, most amazing part of you. You can be a match to your ultimate and unlimited potential. When you are a match to that pure potential that exists for you then all the information you require, all the coincidences you need, all the intuition, all the guidance, all the little nudges and winks, and the right people and the right time…all of that can start to flow.

So that is what we mean when we say you’re in alignment.




You can actually be in alignment with crappy stuff and have that flow to you, but when we say “in alignment” we usually mean with the highest part of you, with that infinite intelligence that knows how to orchestrate things just so perfectly. That’s the same intelligence that runs your body. When you’re an electromagnetic match to that infinite potential, cool stuff starts to flow.

So how do you get started on making sure you do get in alignment on a regular basis?

I think you know what I’m going to say, right? You meditate. You meditate, regularly. You learn to take yourself to that place. You practice. Meditation is a practice, forevermore. You never perfect it. You never master it. You’re always going to be practising. Every time you sit down to meditate, if you only have a few seconds of that moment of alignment, and you’ll know it, you’ll feel it because you kind of have almost an out of body experience and you feel amazing, you feel light, you feel like anything is possible, you feel like maybe your body’s not even real… you know it. You might even only have a couple of seconds each time you sit down but that’s okay because just that has incredible power behind it. The more you practice it, the better you get at it and the more beautiful and powerful the benefits are for you.

Remember that there’s a whole library of meditations available for you.

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Until next time, keep on embracing your gorgeous and unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


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