Do you find you don’t have enough time? Why is that?

No, I’m quite serious, why is that? I know you’re busy, I know you’ve got lots to do, but my question to you is truly “Why do you feel you don’t have enough time to do the things that you need to be doing? To do the things that really make a difference?”

The thing is… who controls your time?

You know of people who have the same 24 hours in the day as you and they’re doing what it is you want to be doing… but you’re not, and you’re the one who controls your time.

At the end of the day it, again, comes down to taking 100% responsibility.

Let me just tell you, I have been there. I’m not lecturing you as though I’ve got it all together. I have ABSOLUTELY been there. I have missed deadlines. I have been overwhelmed. I have been snowed under, and it STILL happens to me from time to time.

What I’ve learned is that if you want to get what you need out of your time, so that you can feel good about how it’s been spent and what it is you’ve achieved from it, you need 3 things:




You need clarity, you need focus, and you need vibrational and energetic alignment.

Because time is actually relative. Time is elastic. You can expand time, and you can shrink time with the power of your focus. Time is totally relative. Einstein taught us that, right? It is simply a perception of, “Ooh, that hour has just flown past” and, “Oh my god, these 5 minutes are just stretching on forever.” Time is totally relative and you get to choose through the power of your focus, clarity, and energetic alignment as to how much you expand that time.

Your focus chooses, and your alignment decides how much power and leverage you get out of that time.

It is really about mastering both your focus AND your energy. It is again about marrying the magical with the practical. Your focus is really something you need to train yourself on. Your energy is the same, but it comes from that otherworldly place deep within you, that mystical mysterious place. Your energetic alignment is where your incredibly unlimited power lies. When you marry that with the focus of your prefrontal cortex and the 3D reality around you, that’s when you bring the two together…

And baby that is the next big bang that you’ve been looking for!

That is what helps you step forward and fully claim your power as a spiritual being having an amazingly fabulous physical experience.

So this is also why in my Effectology Method program, I actually give my students pre-study that helps them really nail these elements so that they can create the space they need in their life to do the program, and also to start experiencing that sense of calm. By doing that pre-study, if they follow every single step I give them, what they actually can do is take a 5 day working week and shrink it down to a 4 day working week and even get more done more effortlessly through that process.

Now, if you’d like just a little bit of that, then grab yourself today’s freebie which is the Effectiveness Book. It gives you my Top 7 really practical steps for getting more done in less time. Help yourself to that from the link in the description.

Remember, if you also marry that with energetic alignment, it will give you incredibly powerful leverage so I do suggest that you also incorporate something like a daily morning meditation practice, then bring in these powerful steps I share with you in that Effectiveness Book… and watch the magic happen!

Keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential, and I’ll see you next time!



Ready to take control of your time so you always have more than enough?