Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to get you in alignment both in business and in life – so you can have more money in the bank and get a whole lot more done with ease!

Let’s talk about the secret to truly moving forward in your business with ease.

I want to take you back to the Trifecta of Life which is what the Effectology Method is all about. The Trifecta of Business/Life (which, let’s face it, for women in business is pretty much one and the same) is about balancing alignment with practical approaches to both MONEY and TIME , because they are our key resources – in business and in life.

You’ll notice that there are two really practical things, money and time, paired with alignment on that trifecta. Alignment really is the key.

So let’s just look at the side that involves money, which is all about getting things done, and moving forward in your business and how that relates to alignment. You see, you can practice lots of different productivity tools, and productivity strategies, and there are loads and loads of them available. Maybe you’ve found that sometimes you can stick to something for a little while but after some time the wheels fall off. That’s because we all have different productivity styles, different personality styles, but it actually goes beyond that.

For the productivity tools that do work for you, the reason they work is that they naturally align with your higher self, with the way you naturally get into flow. So when you find the productivity tools that truly work for you, it’s because they are the ones that naturally help you get into and stay in alignment, and what then happens is that you move beyond even productivity and being efficient and you move into being truly “effective,” which is when you’re working on the right things, at the right time, in the right way, in just the right kind of pattern of knowing when to let it go and allow things to kind of just drop into place as they’re ready and when to get in there and start creating motion forward.

That is then a state of working, being, and living in aligned effectiveness.





It means you’re in alignment so you’re naturally tapped into your unconscious flow which also means that you then get the inspiration and the impulses to act when you need to act and not act when all you’re going to be doing is spinning your wheels and wearing yourself out. That is why certain productivity tools work for you and not others, because they’re the ones that naturally tap into the way you get into alignment.

But the key to it all is… that you’ve got to get into alignment and then you actually draw in the right productivity tools anyway. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re not using “a tool” per se, because your alignment will naturally help you to work in that perfect state of flow.

So, alignment comes first, and the tools come second.

Now, having said that, you do still need to practice the tools and make sure that you’ve got them at your disposal so that you can play with them and work out which ones do help you achieve that state of flow and feel really good, and which ones don’t.

That is why I’ve created a really special freebie.. it’s the Effectiveness Book.

It gives you the top 7 effectiveness strategies that really do make a difference. Some of them are super simple, some of them involve a little bit more thought process on your behalf, but they are the top strategies that help you get a whole lot more done in a whole lot less time, and sometimes that’s where you need to start.

Sometimes you’re so stressed out and behind that you can’t possibly get in alignment, you just have to kind of get on top of things a little bit. So by using these effectiveness strategies you can clear the air a little bit, help you naturally get into alignment, then dive back into the effectiveness strategies and click into that state of aligned effectiveness so that you can move forward in life and get more done with ease.

That is what the Effectology Method is all about. It’s about being in a state of alignment and having the practical strategies to manage both your money and your time so both of those can flow in a really beautiful aligned and congruent way.

So, if you’d like to grab that and you don’t have it yet, just follow the link in the description and knock yourself out! You’re going to find that if you apply these properly, you can shave a whole working day off your week and actually get more done in less time with, most importantly, a whole lot less stress.

So go ahead, grab that now!

In the meantime, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.


Bye, for now!


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