Let’s talk about the top 3 reasons you’re likely keeping yourself stuck in your business.

I talk to a lot of – women and lots of them are my students – who are on 5-figures and want to crack the 6-figure income ceiling but can’t quite manage to get past that imaginary invisible threshold. 

Then I also have quite a few students who are on 6-figures, multiple 6-figures even, and they’re looking to go really big, like maybe 7-figures as their next goal, but still they feel like they’re running in quicksand.

The interesting thing with this work is that it honestly doesn’t matter what level you’re at, it’s the same things, just at a new level. 

When you’re moving up the spiral, that Magnetic Money Trifecta of needing to continue to attract the money by being a vibrational match, keeping the money in your experience by making sure you’re clearing out the limiting beliefs and money blocks that had it bouncing off, and at the same time allowing your money to grow and multiply by having some really good practical systems in place, that does not change.

It’s simply the same thing at a higher level and a higher level. 

So the flavours of it change a little bit, and what you’re actually doing might shift a little bit, and the consistency and the dedication and the level at which you’re doing it will definitely change, but what you have to DO stays the same.

Wherever you’re at, just get better at it. It’s as simple as that.

So let’s talk about what those top 3 reasons are that you’re probably keeping yourself stuck in your business:





The number 1 reason I see is that women who are feeling stuck in their business and whose income doesn’t seem to be growing as they want it to, are busy focusing on ‘The Gap’. 

They’re busy focusing on, “Are we there yet? Why isn’t it here yet? But I’m doing all the stuff… show me the money, Universe!” 

They’re focusing on the gap between where they are, and where they want to go. 

When you’re focused on the gap, your vibration is doing is lining up with, “It’s missing. It’s not here.” And when that’s what you’re a vibrational match to, then you haven’t nailed that first cornerstone of the Magnetic Money Trifecta because vibrationally, you’ve aligned yourself with, “It’s not here,” and Law of Attraction will go, “Okay. If you say so.” 

It doesn’t judge and it doesn’t overrule you, it just delivers exactly what you are a vibrational match to. 

So, focusing on the gap is the number 1 reason that women are keeping themselves stuck in their business… and men too, but we’re talking women here because we’re just a little bit of a different creature.

Now, the second top reason that I see women getting stuck at the same income level in their business  – or just managing to inch their way up incrementally rather than being able to take bigger and easier leaps and bounds – is that there is something in it for them in staying stuck at the lower level.

We call that a secondary gain. So you need to have a look at, “What’s in it for me by not growing to that next income level? Maybe I say I want a 6-figure business, or I say I want a 7-figure business, and I do want it… but part of me is going, oh no, if we get there, then it means X, Y, Z and we don’t want that.”

So there is a perceived benefit in staying at the current level, and you really need to dig deep and be totally honest with yourself in figuring out what that is, and then making sure that you can get that same need met at the higher income level.

That’s the key.

The moment your unconscious recognizes that, “Hey, yeah we can totally do that AND earn more money,” you’re away, you’re released, the shackles will drop off.

So that’s the second reason.

Now, the third top reason why you’re probably keeping yourself stuck in your business is that you’re simply not consistently enough on your abundance vibration. 

You’re simply not holding that abundance vibration frequency enough. You haven’t done it often enough to make it your new normal, to really become that person at the next level.

You’re throwing some stuff at it, and you’re doing a few things and you’re feeling pretty good, but largely (and remember that 95-98% of what’s going on for you is totally unconscious so it’s not your fault), you are still the same old lower-income-level YOU. 

It really takes a very consistent effort on your part to uplevel that vibration so that you are that MOST of the time, so you can rewire your unconscious programming, rewire your mind, get your body used to this new set of chemistry that is the new you, and THEN you become it. 

You can only do that by immersing yourself deeply enough, sticking with it long enough, that it becomes the new you. 

It’s not just something you do in an effort to jump up and catch the ring – you’re actually GROWING TALLER so that the ring is now totally within your reach. 

Does that make sense? I think that’s a really good analogy.

So until now, you’ve been doing little things to jump up and reach the ring that is your income goal, but what you actually need to do is grow taller so that it’s always within your reach. Interesting stuff, right?

So they are the top 3 reasons you’re likely keeping yourself stuck – actually it could be a mix of all.. just letting you know quietly – but that’s okay because now you are aware.

So, please remember that to help you with all of those I have an awesome free training and you can totally grab that right now from the link in the description.

Until I see you next time, make sure you keep on embracing your unlimited potential!

Bye, for now!


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