Imagine an Aligned Business… Sounds fantastic, right?

But let’s start at the very beginning. What does this business of alignment (no pun intended) actually mean? What does it mean to be aligned?

I’ve seen lots of people describe alignment in different ways, so here’s my definition and the way I approach it when I help people, particularly my VIPs, build an aligned business.

Alignment is when all parts of you, all levels of consciousness, your physical, emotional, and mental being all align with your higher consciousness in alignment with the outcome you desire. (Because you can have alignment with a really crappy idea and a really crappy outcome as well)

What we are interested in, is aligning with the highest potential you have. The most wonderful, fulfilling version of your business and your life. The one where abundance flows easily. The one where you feel totally in sync with life, with your passion, with your purpose, and you know that you’re doing exactly what you were meant to do on this Earth. 

That can absolutely change any time, but in that moment, you’re living your truth. In every given moment, that is all that you can do – to live your truth and be fully congruent and in alignment, to be completely & authentically YOU.

Now, alignment means that you’re in sync with that at all levels of being.

It means that the way you think, feel, speak, and act are all IN ALIGNMENT with your highest self….  and that version of you that is you expressing your unlimited potential and your business fulfilling its highest potential.






Now, when you are in that state what happens is that, number one, everything flows really easily.

Ideas come, opportunities come, people are drawn to you like bees to honey, and everything just kind of has this magical flow to it.

Everything is in perfect timing.

You’ll know when to act and to hang back, and the times when you hang back you don’t feel guilty and like you’re not doing what you should be doing, like you’re not hustling when you should be, you’re wise enough to know that, “No, right now is not the time. I’m waiting for guidance from my higher self to say now’s the time to act. Now’s the time to go to the networking function, or apply for that speaking position, or put this promo out into the world. But earlier, it just wasn’t right yet.”

Knowing that and being switched onto that is very critical, because it helps you use your resources very wisely.

The other beautiful benefit of being in alignment when you’re in business is that you no longer give a rip about what anyone else is doing!

You don’t look to your competitors and your peers anymore and try to be like them and try to emulate them. That’s great, because the moment you do that again, you’re no longer in alignment with the highest expression of you.

So when you’re in alignment with the highest expression of you, and you practice that consistently, what actually happens is that you get really hooked on it. You get really addicted to it because it feels so good. It feels so good because it’s your natural state. It’s the highest expression of you.

So any time you don’t feel like that, you will start seeking it because you will know, “Well hang on, something’s off. I’m going to seek my new normal.”

You will get pulled into different directions a lot less than you ever were before.

You’re really standing strong and grounded in your truth and fully expressing who you are and knowing that all of this information that’s flowing – that’s not you making it up from a place of ego – it’s flowing to and through you.

Yes, you’re educated and you’re well read, and you’ve researched the topic and your an expert at it and you know all of this, but as it comes through you and flows, it’s still coming from that higher place.

This means that every time you interact with people, every time you put yourself out there, every video you do, every piece of marketing you do, it is highly magnetic because people are drawn to that – because that’s what they’re looking for as well!

So, an aligned business means that you’re CREATING IT from a place of alignment and RUNNING IT from that place of alignment.

You’re creating it to support your alignment, and creating it in a way that when you’ve built what you’re building, the end result really accelerates and supports that alignment.

So the two kind of bounce off each other.

Because you’re in alignment, your business grows and starts being built and coming together more powerfully and more easily.
And because you’re building a business that supports your alignment, that accelerates and supports and strengthens your alignment.

The whole thing just spirals and spirals and gathers and builds momentum.

So by building this aligned business, and by approaching your business from a place of alignment, it also means that all those messages out there – of all the different strategies, all the different ways you could do things – you’re able to sift through them because you intuitively know. Because alignment isn’t just about feeling, it’s also about exploring and getting clarity on what lights you up and what puts you in alignment – what’s a match and what’s not a match.

The way I approach it with my VIPs and the people in my masterminds and so on, is that we get really clear on all of that to begin with, and we make it very much front of mind:

“This is what alignment feels like, and this is what I need, to be able to get into and stay in that place of alignment.

So my business, the way I run it, the way I show up, the people I interact with, they all have to tick these very critical boxes, and when they tick those, I know it’s a good thing.

And when they don’t, it’s not for me.

It may be perfect for somebody else. It may be their way of being in alignment and getting in alignment and building an aligned business, and that’s why it works for them.

But for me it doesn’t.”

Alignment is unique and personal to you.

So I hope you understand a little bit better what it actually means to be in alignment and to build an aligned business, and why it pays such massive dividends.

When you’re coming from that place, everything you touch turns to gold – you know which strategies are for you, and which are not. You know when to drop them and try something else –  and when to persevere and stick with it.

So if you want to start getting in alignment, more of the time, the easiest way by far is to meditate regularly.

Now, I have a library of hypnotic meditations available. They’re meditations but with the added twist of hypnosis and they’re all themed on something in particular.

You will find meditations in that library to help you be more focused, more clear and ones that help you access your inner guidance. There’s even one to help annoying people disappear and melt into the background. 😊

By using the power of hypnosis and meditation together, you can create some really powerful shifts.

I’ve popped the link to that in the description.

If you’re not yet a member of the meditation library, please help yourself it’s entirely free.

Until I see you next, make sure you stay in alignment at every possible opportunity, and keep on embracing your unlimited potential.


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