Before you dive deeper into manifesting money, you need to ask:

Are you actually ready for more money?

I’m serious! If all the money you wanted came in right NOW, would you actually know what to do with it?

Would you be able to put every dollar to work for you as effectively as possible?

Do you have a plan for your money? Do you have a system for managing it wisely so it grows & multiplies?

Or would you actually freak out a little and not know exactly what you should do with it?

You might think that you have too many bills or debts to pay to even worry about having a ‘money plan’ right now but let me give it to you straight:

That excuse is costing you money!

NOT having a money plan or a money system is like opening a restaurant but not bothering to hire a chef because you don’t have any customers yet.





If your customers get wind of that, you can be guaranteed that your restaurant will stay empty.

And make no mistake, on an energetic level, money KNOWS whether you’re ready for it or not!

You simply cannot BS the Universe, so it’s important that you’re truly ready – on all levels – to receive the abundance you want.

Waiting ‘til it comes before you bother to get ready for it will keep it from coming!

You’ll end up in an energetic stalemate.

Having a money plan will ensure that when your money comes, you’ll know exactly how to make it grow & multiply.

Having a money plan is also a CRITICAL step in releasing any resistance that stops money from flowing. It gives you confidence that raises your vibration and THAT helps you attract more money!

That is why in the Magnetic Money program, we devote 2 entire modules to ensuring you have a money system that runs on autopilot.

In today’s video:

  • how exactly having a money plan opens the abundance floodgates
  • what to do to avoid a vibrational abundance stalemate
  • the easiest & most powerful way to get that abundance flowing

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