Are you embracing your authentic self?

For years I knew I wanted to do more, be more, contribute, leave a mark, move people, be of value and service.

I expended much energy wondering how I could do it, what it would take, and who or what I needed to become.

I wondered, “What kind of person do I need to become?”

Maybe you can relate. Do you ever ask yourself these kinds of questions?

I looked up at those I admired and wanted to become like them – more real, more engaging, so easy to connect with – knowing they understood, and that they’ve been there too – sometimes still were – could help and offer so much.

They were just like everyone else, but somehow… totally different – so open, so wise, so authentic, so comfortable, so human, so… inspiring.

I wondered, “What do I need to do, what do I need to learn, in what ways do I need to grow to become like that?”

I’m just a normal human being. I have flaws and imperfections – a temper that flares when it shouldn’t, days I don’t want to get out of bed, or shower, or dress, days I completely doubt myself, bad hair days, BO days, hot days I’m stuck in pants because I forgot to shave my legs, days where it’s scrambled eggs for dinner because I couldn’t be bothered cooking, or failed to plan.

The chasm between who I wanted to be and who I actually was seemed huge.

I pondered and I wondered. I racked my brain. I studied, I read, I dived deeper and deeper into my own soul to unearth that special version of me that would be good enough to show up & offer something special.

And one day I simply understood….

The thing I feared was the very thing I needed to embrace. Acceptance of my own authentic self was the bridge I’d been looking for.

It’s the thing you too will need to embrace if you wish to grow, to serve, to live the life you were meant for, do the work you were put on this earth to do.

Your humanity, your imperfections, your flaws, your frailty  – embrace all of it.

I realised I needed to embrace the contradictions within: my fragility alongside my strength, my insecurity alongside my courage and self-belief.

This was exactly what I’d been admiring in my heroes & mentors. The evidence of their humanity, their constant battle and determination to grow, the ways in which they accepted their imperfections and leveraged them to become their strengths, the constant see-saw, the yin and the yang that was so beautifully human & real.

Often we get so busy trying to be who we THINK we should be, who we feel we OUGHT to be or who we desperately WANT to be that we lose sight of who we REALLY are.

We become a fraudulent version of ourselves. We sell our soul.

The shell becomes increasingly fragile as the substance inside drains away.

Embrace your humanity, celebrate your imperfections, remain authentically you and you will stay connected to that endless reservoir of strength, love and inspiration inside of you.

Stay true to the perfect circle of growth.
It starts with your authentic self and ends with you in your most amazing, prosperous and abundant glory.

It’s time to get excited – you have unlimited potential & it’s ready for you to embrace NOW.

That’s your cue to do a happy dance  😉

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