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Life Live On Purpose!

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People are absolutely amazing and people’s stories are even more amazing! If you spend enough time talking to just about anyone, you always find an incredible and inspiring story.

Here is today’s 1 In A Million Member Spotlight.

I met Denis Karda about a year ago. She lives in Georgetown Ontario – and in Florida – in an awesome house by the water she totally manifested out of thin air.

Denis is one of those ‘full of life’ people who have incredible energy. She’s a yoga & Nia instructor and she can do handstands on a paddle board.

What I love most about her is that she ALWAYS has a big smile on her face.

And she has one cool & amazing story to share which reminds me of the old Taoist story that says “Who’s to say what’s good or bad?”

Meet Denis:




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Have an awesome day!

xx Miriam