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Life Live On Purpose!

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People are absolutely amazing and people’s stories are even more amazing! If you spend enough time talking to just about anyone, you always find an incredible and inspiring story.

Here is today’s 1 In A Million Member Spotlight.

Jessa Green is an absolute inspiration.

I first met this wonderful woman when we completed our Infinite Possibilities Trainer certification together in Ventura Beach California. We had so much fun during that conference, including the making of a music video in an elevator and frightening the life out of some unsuspecting hotel guests when the doors opened… but that’s a story for another day.

Jessa’s uplifting company, joyful nature and ever-beaming smile were wonderful to be around. I knew I’d made a special friend.

On the final night of our conference, Jessa received tragic news – her father had just been shot and killed.

How this amazing woman dealt with that event and how it caused her to change her life is truly inspiring.

Please meet my beautiful friend, Jessa Green:


Jessa Green is a speaker and mentor and the creator of The True You Revolution.

Jessa’s mission is trailblazing the way for others to live their big, unconventional dreams.

After the tragic death of her father last year, she stepped out of her “normal” lifestyle of living in one place and working a 9-5 job doing work that didn’t connect with her heart. In pursuing her own dreams, she now lives the nomad lifestyle, travels the globe, and creates possibility for others to live into their dreams.

Jessa’s website is: http://www.thetrueyourevolution.com/



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Hope you’re creating an awesome day!

xx Miriam