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Life Live On Purpose!

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People are absolutely amazing and people’s stories are even more amazing! If you spend enough time talking to just about anyone, you always find an incredible and inspiring story.

Here is today’s 1 In A Million Member Spotlight.

Lisa Murphy is from Big Heart Adventures – a wonderful business which is going from strength to strength!

Lisa organises trips for women that provide an opportunity for CHALLENGE (s.a. Mt Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp as well as the Inca & Kokoda Trails), SELF DISCOVERY (with a life coach along on tour) and GENEROSITY by providing funds for charity & non-profits & opening paths to Voluntourism.

I met Lisa when this awesome business idea was just starting to come together and asked her to share the journey and what she’d learnt about overcoming self doubt:





Big Heart Adventures was born from the idea that we can change the world through travel. Travel broadens our minds, teaches us new lessons and challenges our ideas and beliefs while promoting tolerance.    

Big Heart Adventures offers themed, unique, culturally authentic, hosted group active and adventure travel experiences.  Each trip aims to raise community and self-awareness as well as raise funds for charities and non-profit organisations through corporate donation, fundraising by individual travellers and offering participation in community projects where possible in the destination country.

We offer themed trips that might be offered for women only as well as mixed gender trips.

Our Vision:

  • To offer socially conscious travel experiences with an active element or challenge.
  • To create the whole package experience including pre-travel support with fitness, wellbeing and fundraising support.
  • To enhance unique cultural experiences that foster healthy active travel habits, encourage self-discovery and heightened cultural awareness.
  • To ensure that each trip raises awareness and funds for charities, not for profit organisations and community groups through individual fundraising and/or corporate donation with part proceeds from Big Heart Adventures.

To check out our latest tours and offerings and sign up for our e-newsletter, go to: www.bigheartadventures.com.au

Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/bigheartadventures to keep up with our events, free walks for women and Channel Big Heart.


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Have an awesome day!

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