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Connecting the Dots of Infinite Possibilities

Every now and then the right brain impaired ex-engineer in me pipes up, demanding to see some scientific evidence for all this manifesting your dreams mumbo jumbo.

Maybe you also have moments like this when the two sides of your brain decide to have a lively debate. One just ‘knows’ and that’s not only good enough, it’s the only thing that truly matters – the ultimate evidence. The other wants to see ‘cold hard facts’. Ugghh… that doesn’t even sound appealing, does it? Cold, hard…

Nevertheless, even if we don’t have this occasional internal dialogue, maybe we have to have it externally, with those around us querying why we believe and act as we do. You can’t blame them for being curious, can you? Especially when it all looks so easy, so “too good to be true.” All this luck, all these amazing coincidences. Who wouldn’t want to know more and try to reconcile it all?

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