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90% of perfect is good enough

Perfectionism slows progress!


It’s the same for all of us.

We can do something to about 80% – 90% perfect but that last 10-20% is what really slows us down.



Who says you have to do everything perfectly anyway? Unless you’re performing open heart surgery on me, I’d rather take your 90% of your very best and MORE of it more often than wait for way too long for 1 perfectly executed strategy or job.


When it’s also delivered with a smile and nothing but the best intentions including a message of  “I could have done this absolutely perfectly but I also understand it’s of more value to you NOW than in another month”, you’ll win me over every time.


What if it’s something where it does have to be perfect, you ask?
Okie dokie… let’s assume you own this business or are somehow in charge.

My answer is: “Outsource, delegate or handball the thing and move on already!”