Well hello there!

I’m Miriam & it’s my absolute pleasure to meet you!

Miriam Castilla

A little about me:

I’m a Bestselling Author, Mother, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Hypnotherapist, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Mentor, Business Woman, Corporate Analyst, Petroleum Engineer and Effectologist. I’ve been featured nationally and internationally in books, magazines and newspapers, have won awards, spoken & run workshops at international and global conferences.

I’m lucky enough to have been personally trained by Mike Dooley to deliver his Infinite Possibilities program which I brought to Australia and to have returned to the USA several times since then to be lucky enough to work with Mike & his team from tut.com, speaking and delivering workshops & training to other certify other trainers.

My book  “Today’s Woman – Life Balance Secrets: Practical Tips & Tricks for Overcoming Overwhelm”  has changed people’s lives and become an International Bestseller with rave reviews.

Enough About Me!

What I’m most passionate about is HELPING YOU smash through the things that keep you from doing, having and being what matters to you most in life.

My mission is to help you “Live The Life You Love & Love The Life You Live”


I’m PASSIONATE about rescuing you from a sea of overwhelm, busting you out of the prisons of people pleasing and politeness and the tangled messes of should-do’s, want-to’s and have-to’s.

I’m here to help you reconnect to your CONFIDENCE, shine a light to help you regain CLARITY and remember what’s most important to YOU and WHY.

I’m also here to give you PRACTICAL, simple every day tools you can use to maintain your FOCUS and keep moving forward to build incredible and unstoppable MOMENTUM, while you radiate with the joy of being ON PURPOSE.

I’m passionate about helping you get UNSTUCK, re-connecting you to your WHY & the PASSION within you, showing you HOW to stay focused on what is most important and getting you off that damn treadmill you find yourself stuck on so we can CATAPULT you forward with CONFIDENCE and unstoppable MOMENTUM into the incredible life that you KNOW is waiting for you.

Trust me: You CAN absolutely do this and it’s really not as hard as you think – NOT AT ALL!

In fact, it’s all ridiculously simple once you break it down and have someone lead you through it step by step.

As an ex-Engineer and now a business woman, entrepreneur and mother, I design unique tools that are practical, quick and easy to apply. It’s all about getting the job done – without wasting any of your precious time or energy on useless hype.

My approach is known as EFFECTOLOGY – which is all about integrating your inner world with your outer world, combining Spiritual Kapow with Effectiveness Know-How to help you create life deliberately (the fun & easy way) and then show you how to manage all the cool stuff that comes flooding toward you – IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY POSSIBLE .

This is the secret sauce – you need to first create & ATTRACT it by tapping into the powerful universal part of you and then have simple effectiveness strategies in place so you can stay on top of it all – otherwise you’ll freak out & turn off the tap without meaning to!

If you’re a spiritually aware woman, you’ll know EXACTLY what I mean!

You do the work, start attracting lots of really cool stuff into your life, then suddenly feel completely overwhelmed & snowed under. Finally, when you get on top of everything you turn around to realise that it stopped coming and have to get the flow going all over again!

IT’S  STOP – START – STOP – START….  you feel like you’re going around in circles…


It’s also unnecessary..

EFFECTOLOGY  is here to help you solve this problem once & for all – it helps you create life AND manage it effectively.

THAT is the secret to getting your  Wheel of Momentum turning and KEEPING it turning!

If you’re ready to say ‘EFF IT!’, please check out  Effectology School.  It gives you access to the entire contents of my brain for one single ridiculously low annual registration fee!

If you’re feeling super stuck or just in a mad hurry, you can also book in for 1:1 Breakthrough Success Sessions with me.

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Keep smiling!!

xx Miriam

Wheel of Momentum

Fun Facts!

How do you take your coffee?

I’ve recently switched to Chai – with Coconut Milk! It’s delicious

Favorite Social Media Platforms?

Facebook … that old time waster. Sigh…

Favorite Musical Artist?

Anything funky I can dance to!

Current Obsession?

Getting to Bali any chance I can while still traveling the rest of the world as I intend to.

Morning Person or Night Owl?

Neither, I think. I tend to peak around the middle of the day somewhere.

Then again – I always love a sleep in if I can get it, but usually feel like I’ve wasted my day if I do sleep in.

But I definitely write best in the early morning – although I really have to force myself to get up early.

So…. does that answer your question..? 🙂

Favorite Place Ever Visited:

The Amalfi Coast for being spectacular. Fiji for being so laid back and full of beautiful people. And Bali for being a spiritual haven.

What was your favorite food when you were a child? 

Ummmm… I used to order hot chips with plain spaghetti – even in French Restaurants!
And I mean literally .. in .. FRENCH Restaurants – in France.

I grew up in Germany so we’d sometimes drive across the border on weekends.

I can only imagine my mother’s apologetic look at the waiter.

What is one of your favorite quotes?

“”Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf Morgen.” One of my Oma’s favorites.