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Why the Universe thinks you do NOT want more money!

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Are you STILL trying to attract more money, asking the Universe for more in every possible way you can, but still… it’s just not happening?

That’s because the Universe things you do NOT want any more money!

It’s not that the Universe is slow or stupid. It’s simply because it doesn’t THINK for you – it simply RESPONDS to you.

So if you DO want to attract more money, there’s one thing you need to STOP doing right now!

In today’s Effectology Tip, I’m going to tell you what that is and WHY that is, so you make sure you’re sending out the order of what you DO want.

Now, a quick word of warning: This tip may seem counterintuitive at first , but when you think about it a little more, I promise it’ll make perfect sense. It will give you that small but all powerful tweak you’ve been looking for to finally turn things around. When you start to IMPLEMENT it, you will INSTANTLY feel the shift and see the results.

This top will help you finally understand why it just wasn’t happening – even though you really wanted to attract more money and were doing everything in your power to manifest it.

In today’s JUICY Effectology Tip:
● Why focusing on money is causing the problem
● The unexpected and incredible power of changing the topic
● What to focus on instead so you DO start attracting more money





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