Join me in Bali & learn to do it consciously!

Ubud, Bali – 23-29 May 2020

Applications now open.

Holy Cow… Is This Even Worth It?????!!!!
You’re exhausted all of the time and yet there’s something about your business that you can’t let go of…

Because if you did let it go, you’d feel like you’re totally selling out.. in fact, you’d feel like you’re selling your SOUL.

You know that this is what you’re MEANT to do in this world.


AND YET… it isn’t working, beautiful, is it?
You and I both know that the version of you where it IS all working already exists… but you just can’t seem to step into THAT version of you.
Instead, you keep subscribing to more email lists & blogs, staying up until 3am rewriting your copy (yet again)… you keep changing your offers and your ‘target market’ in the hope that something.. anything will finally stick.
I’m here to tell you that it isn’t about ANY of that stuff!
This is about you stepping into THAT VERSION of you where you are totally connected to your power and you’re in flow. Here, things naturally evolve to their highest expression and you magnetically attract the people you’re meant to serve.
When it all magically clicks into place, it’s like finally stepping onto the right bus. Before you know it, it’s taken you to where you need to go.
That ‘click’ comes from a shift in your vibration… a shift that happens when you start to truly believe that your dreams are not only possible… but that YOU are the person to make them happen.  You see, you are the only one who can make your dreams happen because your dreams are uniquely YOURS.
That’s why this is the FIRST thing I’ll connect you with on this Bali Retreat.

This retreat is Effectology for women in business who are ready to smash through their SILENT FEARS about succeeding and/or failing. 

7 transformative days in Ubud, the spiritual heart of Mama Bali

In order to get you there, I’ve designed this most magical experience:

♦ 7 transformative days in the spiritual heart of Mama Bali, Ubud

♦ 6 nights of luxurious accommodation in your own private Balinese cottage (1 twin share cottage available)

♦ Complete peace, quiet and total privacy – the entire property is ours!

♦ Welcome drink & daily poolside breakfast

♦ Morning yoga

♦ 2 x meditation sessions per day

♦ 2 x heavenly poolside massages

♦ 3 x Workshop sessions to guide you through the Effectology Method™ to help you express your fullest potential

♦ Cycling tour to see Balinese villages and rice fields up-close PLUS: lunch in a traditional Balinese family home

♦ 3 x group dinners with special themes and surprises

♦ Plenty of free time to relax, shop or go visit the spectacular jungle and rice fields around Ubud

♦ Your transfers are included – you’ll be greeted on arrival & dropped back safely


But wait there’s more!

Not steak knives because honestly, who needs them… ?

BUT because I want this to be a truly special experience I have arranged a few VIP extras…

BONUS #1: Visit with a local Shaman for a palm  & numerology reading (the Shaman doesn’t usually consult with tourists, so this is a very special opportunity)

BONUS #2: A profoundly powerful WATER purification ceremony at a local Temple with a Balinese Jero Priestess

BONUS #3: Personalised follow-up 1:1 session with Miriam Castilla to ensure you stay connected to that Bali bliss once you’re back home… and continue applying all you learnt.

You will arrive in Bali as the somewhat frazzled, self-doubting woman that you currently are, the one who’s been suffering in silence, wishing there were more hours in the day and that something would finally stick.

“I will send you home with a BRAND NEW awareness of who you TRULY are and what is really possible for you.”

You will have an unshakeable confidence – deep in your soul – that you CAN do this and that it WILL all be okay.

Your momentum will continue long after you return home from Bali because I will give you all the tools you need and the skills to use them. We will ensure that this is a PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION.

Never again will you return to thoughts like “Can I even do this business?”

Transformation doesn’t come from massage and yoga, but it certainly helps and Bali is absolutely the perfect place to do this work.

Fact – you need to be stretched in order to be transformed.

Forget ‘positive thinking’, because we are going Quantum, baby!

Learning how to tap into the Quantum Field to create life on purpose and change your state of being is not all ‘cocktails by the pool’.

The space I create for you on this retreat is the perfect safe and supportive environment for you to undertake this deep work.

The support continues long after we leave Bali with a follow-up 1:1 session to ensure you maintain that connection and to prevent any wobbles or post retreat freak-outs!

No woman will be left behind.


Miriam Castilla helps women create the life they’ve been dreaming of, by showing them how to leverage the power of their unconscious mind – and the entire Universe – and then marry that power with everyday practical skills so they can have more money, more time and more joy – the easy way!

Miriam is an International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Timeline Practitioner, Infinite Possibilities Trainer and also a Finance Adviser and ex-Petroleum Engineer & Corporate Analyst. She regularly travels between Australia and the USA, working with Mike Dooley and the team at to share the message that we are powerful creators.

Along her journey, she went from broke, single mum to award winning business owner by practising everything she teaches and now gets to live a life she loves.

Miriam has developed The Effectology Method ™, a program that provides students with a simple, repeatable framework and system to leverage their unseen power and overcome any blocks and limiting beliefs.

Miriam’s students learn how to reconnect to their inner power and joyfully take their lives to a new level – pver and over again.

Are You Ready To Meditate & Manifest in Bali?


Deposit Due Today:

  •  (must book with a friend)

  • Payment option 1: Easy Instalment Plan

  • US$300 deposit payable to secure your booking then 12 easy monthly payments of US$159

  • Payment option 2: Pay Upfront and SAVE

  • US$300 deposit payable to secure your booking then one payment of US$1,696 required within 30 days of booking.





Are You Ready To Meditate & Manifest in Bali?


A retreat is a significant logistical and costly exercise. We, therefore cannot make any exception to these conditions. Please read carefully and contact Miriam Castilla with any questions.

These conditions apply to & override all relevant standard conditions for this event only


Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Your spot will be secured as soon as your deposit has cleared and been received by the organiser. The retreat will be confirmed to go ahead as soon as minimum numbers have been met. You will receive an email to advise when the retreat is confirmed to go ahead.fully expect the retreat to sell out but we must recommend you await receipt of this confirmation email before booking your flights and any additional accommodation.

Your initial deposit of is fully refundable within 30 days of booking – no questions asked.
If you choose to cancel your registration, your place will immediately be made available to another attendee.  We cannot hold your place without a deposit.

After 30 days cooling off period AND from 1st October 2019 until 31st December 2019 (whichever applies sooner):
DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. The lesser of 50% of the total retreat cost or amounts paid to date (not including deposit) will be refunded in case of cancellation

From 1st January 2020 AND after 30 days cooling off (whichever applies sooner):
No Refunds Available, however 25% of total retreat charge paid (excluding deposit) may be used in credit towards a future retreat of the same type and at the same location. Can only be used in credit towards a retreat of same type, not any other service or product and only within 12 months of date of initial retreat. No guarantee is made by the organiser that another retreat of the same type will be held within the 12 month period at the same location.

You may onsell your retreat ticket to another attendee PROVIDED:
1. You notify Miriam Castilla in writing no later than 15th April 2020 
2. AND the person you sell your ticket to is deemed a suitable fit for this retreat on the basis of a pre-retreat interview with Miriam Castilla which needs to take place no later than 1st May 2020. In the interests of all attendees, we reserve the right to approve or reject any retreat application for any reason whatsoever and with full discretion.

In the event an instalment is not received as per the agreed payment schedule, our payment gateway will re-attempt payment after 3-5 days.
Should your payment remain unpaid for longer than 5 days AND we are unable to satisfactorily contact you within a further 5 days, your registration may be cancelled and your place made available to another attendee. Refund conditions apply as above.

We STRONGLY recommend travel insurance as we cannot make any exceptions to the above conditions under any circumstances.

Retreat Cancellation:
Should the retreat be unable to go ahead due to an Act of God or any other unforeseen conditions – including, but not limited to ill health of the organiser – your registration will be transferred to the next available date of the same retreat type at the same location. The organiser will not be held liable for any loss of income, travel costs or any other costs whatsoever incurred as a result of retreat cancellation in such circumstances.