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Why Being Overwhelmed Is A Blessing

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Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed, too much on the go, don’t know where to begin, not enough hours in the day?

That happens to all of us.

When you’re really time-poor – say you’re a single mum of 2 little kids – that’s an awesome opportunity for you to get really good at only focusing on the things that actually make the big difference. Because when we get extra time, we fill it up with a whole lot of useless crap that isn’t really helpful anyway.

So when you can’t afford to waste any time, it makes you really, really effective.

It’s an amazing opportunity for you to really figure out which of your activities are really going to make a difference and just focus on those.

You might have heard of the 80/20 rule which basically says that 80% of our results come from 20% of our activity. This means you could drop 80% of what it is you do and still keep 80% of the result you’re getting at the moment. So – you could work 20% of the time you’re working right now and your result (your income, your customers, your appointments) would only drop by 20%!

Now imagine doing that and then saying, “okay instead of only working 20% of the time I do now, why don’t I just work 40% of the time BUT I’m only going to focus on that 20% of activity that actually makes the difference?” So at the end of that, you should have a 60% improvement in your results in return for reducing your total effort by 60%. If you followed the math, you’ll know I’m right. If you didn’t follow the math, the bottom line is this:

You can work a whole lot less and get a whole lot more out of it – if you just get smarter at it.

So look at your activities – brainstorm or keep a diary for a couple of days a week of all the things you do in your business and in your life, and work out which ones actually translate to something tangible that’s important and meaningful to you. Not what you think it will ultimately get you and why you should be doing it but what actually translates to something that is a tangible, helpful result. You’ll find that it’s only a few things that really make the big difference.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s an awesome opportunity to practice the 80/20 rule (known as the Pareto’s Principle) and really, really apply it.

You are in  a position where you can build a kickass business that’s running efficiently and effectively and work out what those things are that actually give you the benefit rather than being pulled to pieces trying to do what everybody else is doing. For example, just because everybody else is running a Facebook group, doesn’t mean you have to. It takes a lot of time and effort and you don’t really get that much business out of it compared to some other activities you. If you love running a Facebook group and you want to be on Facebook 24/7 and you love the interaction and you do have the time, absolutely go for it! But if you don’t have the time, maybe that’s not the right business building activity for you because there are many others out there.to  That is just one example.

That’s the Effectology Tip for you today.

I get a bit ranty about this one, so if you want to know more chuck me a comment below and we can talk about it a little more.

In Effectology School we have a whole Smash It Module where we do just that. We actually go right through it as a group and identify all those things and then we complete a 7 day experiment where say, “I’m just not even going to touch that 80% of the stuff that only gives me 20% of my results.”

It’s living on the edge, I love it! 🙂

Have a beautiful day & stay happy!

PS: Effectology School opens for enrollments soon with an amazing Mad March Offer, so keep an eye out!




What's Your Key to Smashing Overwhelm?

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