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book your time out - IN

Ah… the clarity that comes with a bit of extra rest!

I love having a few extra days off – they help me see clearly and get creative.

I also start sorting my shit into 2 very UNevenly sized piles:

1 – important – this pile’s usually quite small

2 – really NOT important – this one is usually like a big landfill tip & contains all the crap that stresses me unnecessarily when I don’t give myself enough time out.

And that’s usually when I say “I really don’t take enough time out! This is great. This is valuable!”

I usually book my time out in way ahead. When I get my new year’s diary, I look ahead & go “Right – when are we going away? What are the major family holidays this year?

Then I try to plan in regular long weekends just for Martin & I. We try and have a dirty weekend every 6-8 weeks. Well, we drive a couple of hours out of town, eat a lot, try to go walking a bit, sleep a lot, read a bit (in between naps) and order room service when it all just gets too exhausting…

It’s all about recharging the batteries & disconnecting. It doesn’t need to be fancy & just 1 night away can be a sanity saver & if you still have young kids, they can probably handle 1 night with family or friends. Or take them with you – it doesn’t have to be a child-free getaway (but it’s nice to get them!)

The trick is definitely to book these breaks in WAY ahead of schedule. Otherwise it’s too easy to make excuses & not do it – and then everyone suffers..

So tell me, right now – when is your next break? If you’re sitting there trying to avoid eye contact & waiting for me to move on… go grab your diary after you share this with all your other overworked friends & book in a little getaway!

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