How to not let what’s urgent get in the way of what’s important

How to not let what’s urgent get in the way of what’s important

Hi, I’m Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business –  where we practice the art and science of Effectology to help you have more money, more time, the easy way… without all the extra hustle!

Today we’re going to talk about urgent versus important, because as you know, each day there’s a bunch of stuff that’s really urgent for you to get done and then there’s also those things that you know are really important – important for your business, important for your well-being, important for your overall happiness levels in life.




The first thing to realize is that the urgent stuff will always be there.

It never really goes away and it also screams the loudest for your attention so it’s really easy to go through the day and just be caught up in all this urgent, urgent, urgent, urgent stuff – stuff that at the end of the day is not actually all that important.. And then you feel like you didn’t really get anything done and you didn’t really move forward.

Now, the second thing to remember is that you will never get everything done.

Your to-do list will always keep on growing and basically, you’ll just never catch up and you need to make your peace with that.  So what that means is you need to be even more deliberate with what you spend your precious time on, because you only have 24 hours in every day and I’d like for you to spend some of that sleeping, having fun, chilling out and all that good stuff.

The third thing to really keep in mind is that it’s actually the important stuff, not the urgent stuff that makes the biggest difference overall.

That’s the stuff that changes your life. That’s the stuff that takes you and your business up to the next level… next level of income, next level of clients, next level of people you can reach, next level of joy and happiness and freedom in your life.

It’s the important stuff which isn’t usually screaming urgent at you, THAT’S what will actually make the difference.

So, the bottom line as with pretty much everything I teach is that it is all up to you.

It is up to you to manage your time, manage your attention and really be discerning about what is just urgent – but not really important – and what is actually really important and does need to get done. And then you choose and decide from there.

Now if you’d like some help with sorting all of that stuff out, make sure you grab yourself a copy of my Effectiveness book. It’s 7 Proven Strategies for Juggling Business and Family while staying sane in the process and you can grab it at the link below.

Help yourself to my Effectiveness book and get started on really making those discerning decisions as to what’s just urgent and what’s actually important and allow yourself to take life to another level.

Keep on embracing your unlimited potential and I will see you next time.

Bye for now!


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How to work one day less and make more money

How to work one day less and make more money

How to work one day less and make more money

(scroll down to watch the video or access the audio)

How would you like to work one day LESS each week and actually IMPROVE your results? I’m talking about more money, more clients, more fun and more joy – all while doing a lot LESS!

It’s totally possible and no, it doesn’t require some sort of Twilight zone time travel… it’s simply a matter of applying Pareto’s principle!

Pareto’s principle says that 80% of your outcome comes from just 20% of your input. What’s super exciting is that this rule applies to pretty much everything!

Let me give you an easy example:

If we opened your wardrobe so you can show me the clothes you wear 80% of the time, then unless you’re a staunch minimalist (in which case you’re already applying Pareto’s principle), you’ll pull out about 20% (or even less) of the clothes you own.

OK, so now you’re thinking Pareto’s principle is a great way to clean out your closet.. and yes, it is… but it’s SOOOO much more than that!

This little rule applies to pretty much EVERYTHING in life – how many friends you have versus how many you see (or how many you actually give a rip about..), the food in your pantry & fridge versus what you actually eat and of course… your business!!

You can do a Pareto’s Analysis on your business and decide which activities actually make you the money & help grow your business and which are largely just time wasters.

At this point I expect you’ll be pretty damn excited.. why wouldn’t you be?

You want to sit down and do a Pareto’s analysis of your business as soon as possible – take yourself on a little CEO date and write it all out. (Hint: If you’re like most people, you might need to spend a week actually tracking what you spend your time on first.)

Then comes the really exciting bit:

After you’ve done your Pareto’s Analysis, I want you to DOUBLE the amount of time you spend on the 20% that actually makes the difference and HALVE the amount of time you spend on the other stuff.

As a result you can expect to work a lot LESS and get a whole lot MORE in return!

When you also know how to get yourself in vibrational alignment and then do that Pareto’s work from a place of aligned effectiveness, absolute magic happens, so remember to keep marrying the magical with the practical!



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Tired? Then stop making mountains out of molehills!

Tired? Then stop making mountains out of molehills!

Tired? Then stop making mountains out of molehills!

(prefer to watch the video or listen to the audio? Scroll down below!)

If you’re feeling like you just can’t get on top of things, you’re probably making mountains out of molehills.

It’s not your fault, really, it’s the law – Parkinson’s Law.

The great news is you can use Parkinson’s Law to help you get out of the pickle it got you into. Then you’ll be able to breathe again!

In this Effectology Tip:

  • Why Parkinson’s Law will get you every time
  • Why more is not better
  • A simple way to get unstuck

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Tired? Then stop making mountains out of molehills!

by Miriam Castilla