Are you suffering Entrepreneurial ADD?

Are you suffering Entrepreneurial ADD?

I’m Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – the place where we practice the art & science of Effectology to help you marry the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the extra hustle!

Today we’re going to talk about entrepreneurial ADD or what I call ‘entrepreneurial ballet dancing.’.. Where you’re just spinning on the spot over and over and over again and not really moving forward.

Sometimes it looks like, ‘hmm I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up ‘, ‘maybe I want to be a business coach for single mums’ or ‘maybe I want to be a business coach for women leaving the workforce’ or ‘maybe I don’t want to be a business coach at all‘maybe I want to be a yoga teacher.

Other times it’s a bit subtle more subtle than that and it’s more about, ‘oh maybe I just need another qualification in this and a qualification in that..  my website’s not setup or ‘I think I’ll tweak it a little bit because my target market has changed.’

So it can be more subtle than that but it’s entrepreneurial ADD – it is a lack of focus.

And the thing to realise if that’s what’s going on is that the key thing happening there is a fear and a lack of certainty.




You’re spinning on the spot because you have no real drive, no real motivation and no certainty as to which way you’re heading and the reason for that is because you don’t want to go with something and find that you’re so far down the track and it’s not really your thing. So you spend all your time distracting yourself and staying where you are rather than risking moving forward.

However, if you don’t stick to one thing for a certain period of time and start to fine-tune it and craft your art and get better and better at it, start to experiment and play with things and fine-tune and then move to another level, your business will NEVER move forward.

You will just stay stuck on the spot – not really having started.

So what you need to do is actually get in touch with that part of you that is going to pull you forward, that is going to drive you and make you want to go for it and make you want to stick to one thing so that you can be successful. And in order to do that, you need to rid of that fear, that lack of certainty and the most powerful way to do that is to really get in touch with, at the unconscious level, in touch with your core values.

Which are the things that tap directly into your ancient lizard brain, your cerebellum, that part of you that doesn’t even have capacity for language but is  fuelled by pure emotion and passion. And it’s that thing that drives you so it doesn’t feel like work and you’re happy to work on the weekend if you need to or do late hours at night. And it actually lights you up and you love it.

But unless you connect at that unconscious level in a really powerful way, you won’t be able to reach that place. And you do need to reach that place if you’re going to build a business that you love and adore. And that you’re willing to do what it takes for, because to build a business it does take effort and consistency. It does take a certain amount of commitment and motivation and also work. But it doesn’t feel like work when you’re so connected to what you truly love.

So if you’re not too sure what your core values are or if you can sort of vaguely remember doing them some time ago but it’s all a bit hazy or they’re really just a list of words that you reel off because they sound good, then I encourage you to go through them again.

Take my totally free Uncover Your Core Values Mini-Course.

Grab yourself that and go through the mini-course. I’m actually there to guide you through it and we’ll do it by going to the unconscious mind by using a beautiful hypnotic process that I’ve developed and that will powerfully connect you, so that you can stop spinning on the spot, put an end to this entrepreneurial ADD and go for it to build that business of your dreams.

Until next time, keep on embracing your amazing unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


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You are the magic you seek

You are the magic you seek

You are the magic you seek

Have you ever wondered what your ‘thing’ is?

We all have our own special thing, a way of seeing relating to or showing up the world that is completely unique, entirely our own.

Problem is, we’re often the last to be able to see or recognise it.

Even when we think we’re starting to ‘get it’, there’s always another layer of self awareness and connection to reach.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to move through another layer of my own personal onion and reah a state of even deeper self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-connection and self-love.

I spent an entire day with my friend Sue-Ellen Cordon doing an ‘InnerView’, where she helped me unpack my innate natural process.

At the start of the day, she gave me a little ‘Bliss Pack’ and I spent an hour on my own meditating, journaling and just being.. complete with great snack, might I add!

As I sat to do some automatic writing after a meditation as instructed, I was completely blank.

I had nothing..  No insights, no deep A-ha moments, I felt good as I usually do, but there was no movement to a new place inside of me.

Have you ever felt like that? You’re meant to be having all these deep, insightful spiritually powerful moments, but you get pretty much nothing..?

So I decided to start writing about it and here’s what came out:

So what if nothing comes?

If nothing comes, you get to enjoy the silence, the stillness.. enjoy being with you.. enjoy being you.

This is what you’re seeking anyway, is it not?

It’s already there.. actually, it’s here.. right NOW.

There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, no lesson to learn.

Sitting in quiet union with yourself is the ultimate bliss.

Give yourself permission to have what you are seeking, and embrace it with all of your being.

What you are seeking is YOU.

You are the divine, the God within, the magic around, the love that abounds.

You are the magic you seek.



One of the most powerful ways you can connect with yourself at a deeper level than ever before is through your unconscious mind.. it is after all, the deepest part of you.

My Free Mini-Course to Uncover Your Core Values is a powerful way for you to connect to what truly lights you up, the things that give your life meaning & joy.. where it truly matters – at the unconscious level.

In this mini-course I take you through the powerful process my students get to experience when they work with me.

It comes complete with instructional video, a powerful meditation to help you connect deeply within and a workbook to take you through the process.

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A love letter to your authentic self

A love letter to your authentic self

A love letter to your authentic self

Are you embracing your authentic self?

For years I knew I wanted to do more, be more, contribute, leave a mark, move people, be of value and service.

I expended much energy wondering how I could do it, what it would take, who or what I needed to become.

I wondered, “What kind of  person do I need to become?”

Maybe you can relate. Do you also ask yourself these questions?

I looked up at those I admired. I wanted to become like them, more real, more engaging, so easy to connect with, knowing they understood, that they’ve been there too and often still were, yet could help and offer so much.

They were just like everyone else, but somehow… totally different – so open, so wise, so authentic, so comfortable, so human, so… inspiring.

I wondered, “What work do I need to do, what do I need to learn, in what ways do I need to grow to become like that?”

I’m just a normal human being. I have flaws and imperfections – like a temper that flares when it shouldn’t, days where I just want to stay in bed, days where I completely doubt myself, bad hair days, BO days, days I’m stuck wearing pants because I forgot to shave my legs, days where it’s scrambled eggs for dinner because I couldn’t be bothered or failed to plan ahead.

The chasm between who I wanted to be and who I actually was seemed huge.

I pondered and wondered. I racked my brain. I studied, I read, I delved deeper and deeper into my own soul.

And one day I understood.

The thing I feared was the very thing I needed to embrace. Acceptance of my own authentic self was the bridge I’d been looking for.

It’s the thing you too will need to embrace if you wish to grow, to serve, to live the life you were intended for, do the work you were put on this earth to do.

Your humanity, your imperfections, your flaws, your frailty  – embrace all of it.

I realised I needed to embrace the contradictions within: my fragility alongside my strength, my insecurity alongside my determination and self belief.

The evidence of their humanity, the constant battle and determination to grow, the ways in which they accepted their imperfections and leveraged them to become their strengths, the constant see-saw, the yin-yang, was exactly what I’d been admiring in my mentors.

We often get so busy trying to be who we THINK we should be, who we feel we OUGHT to be or who we desperately WANT to be that we lose sight of who we REALLY are.

We become a fraudulent version of ourselves. We sell our soul. The shell becomes increasingly fragile as the substance inside drains away.

Embrace your humanity, celebrate your imperfections, remain authentically you and you will always stay connected to that endless reservoir of strength, love and inspiration that lives inside of you.

Stay true to the perfect circle of life and growth – it always has to start with your authentic self and it will end with you in your most amazing, prosperous and abundant glory.

It’s time to get excited – your life is just ahead of you…

Time to do the happy dance  😉

xx Miriam


If you’re read to dive deeper into your Authentic Self so you can connect with and become even more of YOU, then take my free ‘Uncover Your Core Values’ mini course:

The Number 1 Secret To Becoming The Best Version of You

The Number 1 Secret To Becoming The Best Version of You

The number 1 secret to becoming the best version of you

(scroll down to watch the video or access the audio)

Would you like to evolve into the very best version of you?

Let’s assume that – since you’re reading one of my blogs – the answer is HELL YES!
Then this is for you..

Before we talk about the number 1 habit that will help you do that faster and more magically than anything else, let’s talk about what’s NOT helping..

…and that is they monkey mind.. the constant chatter… your mind jumping around from one thing to another..not being able to focus on the important stuff for long enough.. which leaves you stressed and worn out, unable to access your higher faculties – like intuition, insight and creativity so you can move towards your dreams and goals.

This is how most people live their lives.. stuck in the hyperactivity of their prefrontal cortex, their amygdala constantly firing and their body flooded with stress hormones.

In our modern world, most people tend to spend the bulk of their time in a fight or flight stress response. Aside from being extremely unhealthy, this also does not allow you to grow, expand and evolve. You’re only ever just dealing with whichever ‘emergency is right in front of you – and these are usually not actual emergencies, but rather, the latest email ping or Facebook message you feel the sudden urge to respond to.

Ín that state, you simply cannot make clear decisions that serve you… and you cannot access your insight, intuition and creativity.

This monkey mind is what keeps you trapped in the same old cycle of stress and reactivity. Life is just one mega-fast revolving door.

Your number one task therefore, is to learn to still the monkey mind – even just for a split second… and to continue this practise daily.

Yes – I’m talking about meditation!

And before you launch into all the same old excuses of “I can’t meditate – I tried and it doesn’t work for me” etc, let me tell you.. nobody goes flatline when they meditate.

It is a PRACTISE… a practise of directing your FOCUS.

Even if you only get a split second of silence during a 20 minute meditation, it’s beneficial.

A meditation practices will help you start to connect to your higher mind and  allows the space for all that higher knowledge to come in – because you’re not weighed down with the state of resistance from everyday fears and worries you’re so used to living in.

Simply sit quietly for 10-15 minutes a day with the intention of quietening your mind, so that you can evolve into that more intuitive, joyful and aware version of you.

That’s not much of a price to pay for joy, is it?



If you’d like a little help with improving your meditation practise, here’s the perfect thing to help you do that!

It’s a hypnotic meditation to help improve your meditation practise…  how clever is that?

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Start living your dream life today

Start living your dream life today


Start living your dream life today


(scroll down to watch the video or access the audio)

Do you dream about the life you want to be & you just can’t wait for it to happen?
How would you like to start living it – TODAY?

This might sound a bit too good to be true, but it’s actually super simple to achieve…

Take a moment to think about details of that dream life…the who, when, where, what & how.

Now go BEYOND those things – beyond the ‘stuff’ and into the WHY you want it.

What you’ll find is that what you’re really after is a feeling  the way you think having those things will help you feel.

The reason you want anything is for the feeling, whether that is freedom, abundance ease, etc.

We all want the feeling, not the stuff.


Who chooses how you feel? That’s right – YOU DO!

So all you need to do is find ways you can start to feel this way, right here, right now – TODAY!

Then two things will happen:

  1. you’ll start to feel better – the way you want to feel
  2. you also bridge the vibrational (feeling) gap between who you are now & who you want to be. When that gap closes, there is a match & your world will start to shift to match it.

It’s truly that simple.



To help you connect to what you really want at the deepest, unconscious level, make sure you download my FREE Core Values Mini-Course. It will be a powerful starting point for helping you create an amazing life – on purpose.


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What do you REALLY want?

What do you REALLY want?

What do you REALLY want?

(scroll down to watch the video or access the audio)

What do you really want?

That may sound like a simple question but the truth is that most people have no idea.

They usually know exactly what they DON’T want. What they DO want is rather hazy though.

Knowing what you don’t want is ok to begin with, but it will only get you so far. As soon as you get far enough away from that thing you don’t want, the heat is off and your motivation and drive fizzle out.

That’s why the foundation stone of The Effectology Method is to help you get really clear on what is truly important to you – what will keep pulling you  forward once you’ve passed that point of simply trying to get away from something unwanted.

Once you get a handle on what you DO want, you’ll find yourself continuing to be pulled towards your dreams by an irresistible force. 

I invite you to take some time out to really think about this. 

Forget about the fancy houses & cars – I want you to go deeper than that! 

How do you want to FEEL about each day of your life, about your ability to have what you want, about your worthiness to have it – and how confident do you want to be that more good things will keep coming?

You see – the ‘stuff’ is just a step along the way. It’s the feeling beyond the ‘stuff’ you’re really after and THAT is what has the big pulling power!

Here’s some homework for you:

Write out your ideal average working day – really immerse yourself in it. Don’t come up with some utopian day where you’re perpetually sitting on the beach sipping cocktails while it rains money from the sky, because nobody does that all the time. Go for your average working day – doing what you love to do – in the way you’d most love to do it.

Once you’ve done that, try to come up with a simple sentence or statement that encapsulates all that and let it be your mission statement for the type of success you’re really aiming for.

Knowing what truly lights you up is a critical key to sustaining your journey of personal evolution.

Once you’re hooked in at that deeper level, that vicious cycle of “2 steps forward, 1 step back” can finally end and you’ll be able to break through and claim that life you KNOW is waiting for you.

In this Effectology Tip:

  • how to tap into the power that will pull your dreams to you faster
  • why a wishlist of fancy stuff isn’t going to cut it
  • how to stop going ‘2 steps forward, 1 step back





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Your core values are instrumental in connecting you to what really lights you up.

This mini DIY curse covers the same process I take students through in my courses & workshops. The results are always astounding and students always comment how much they wish they’d bothered to do this sooner!

The difference with this Effectology Method way of uncovering your core values is that we connect you to what drives you at the unconscious level – beyond the ‘shoulds‘, the mother’s guilt and the external programming and pressures.

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