3 reasons you can’t manifest when the stakes get higher

3 reasons you can’t manifest when the stakes get higher

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla. Welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – the place where you get to marry the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the extra hustle!

Why is it that when the stakes start getting higher, it becomes so much harder to manifest what you want?

Do you experience that?

I’ve been there myself. I had the car parking fairy giving me rockstar carparks – no matter where I was going. Fringe Festival in Adelaide, city overflowing with locals and tourists from all over the world… not a carpark to be found in the whole city, but mine was always there waiting, right outside the ticket box or the venue I was going to. Tickets to concerts, invitations to really cool parties and events, or even free holidays. I could manifest all sorts of things like that, but when it came to clients, income, or a more effortless flow to my business I was hitting a brick wall.

So, why is it so easy with the little stuff but when the stakes get higher, we hit that brick wall?

Let me tell you three reasons why:




Number one, we have this belief that we’re raised with in hard work. That if you really want that tangible, serious outcome that gives you respect and acknowledgement from the people around you, you have to deserve it and have earnt it through your hard work. That is why in the Effectology Method Program we clear that old bullshit story with hypnosis, because that’s just not true… unless you choose to believe it and then it becomes very, very true for you!

The second thing is that you don’t have stability in your vibration. You’re not energetically and vibrationally stable enough and that means that as soon as something means more to you, as soon as you’re a little bit more attached to it, you start worrying and doubting and anytime something appears to not be going right you worry even more which throws your vibration off even more.

You don’t have that stability, which means means your vibration is very susceptible to every little thing that’s going on in your outside world.

You’re not controlling life, life is controlling you.

The only way that you’re going to get past that is with consistency.

Consistency of practice of stability in your alignment. That means you have to do those things that bring you into alignment and help you stay in alignment, CONSISTENTLY. Not just for a week, or month, or here and there, or when you remember, or when you really want something, but ALL THE TIME. In the beginning it’ll be harder work because you’re not used to it, and then once you get to a place where you actually have that beautiful flow and that becomes your new normal, it actually becomes very easy and there’s no way you’d ever go back to not practicing and doing the things that keep you in alignment.

It’s a little bit like brushing your teeth. You know, when you were little your mum probably had to force you to do it a few times, but now you wouldn’t really want to leave the house without doing it. it would just feel weird and your whole day would feel off.

And the third one is a lack of faith. You don’t really believe it. You don’t really trust it. You kind of hope it does happen, but deep in your heart you didn’t believe it. Let’s be honest. That faith can only come from proving yourself right.

You really do need to get over that hurdle and prove yourself right so that you believe it. That means that you’ve gotta stick with it and the only way you can stick with it often enough and for long enough that you can prove yourself right so that that faith becomes innate, is through deep immersion.

That means that you dive into an environment where you practise this and you see the results consistently enough that you can then shift your doubt to faith. You do that for long enough that it sticks… that the scales tip.

This is why my Effectology Method Program is a 6-month program.

There are no silver bullets!

It’s only through immersion and consistency and the strength of your desire, which is what’s going to make you take that dive into the immersion and keep up the consistency, and if you have a support network around you like we do in the Effectology Method Program that helps you stay on track, that’s fabulous, but it’s only through the depth of your immersion, the level of your consistency, and the level of your desire that you can break through.

That is how you get to that place where you DO have faith, you ARE consistently stable enough in your vibration, and you no longer have all those old BS beliefs that keep holding you back.

The best consistent habit that I can recommend to you to help you stay in alignment and reach alignment every single day is meditation. There is a reason why every spiritual teacher on earth will suggest meditation, and will highly, highly recommend you meditate. it allows you to dive deeper within. It’s a little moment of self immersion and it’s the consistency of that practice that then helps you get those results that produce the faith.

So, if you haven’t got access to my meditation library yet, please grab it now. It’s totally free! There are 52 meditations, one for each week of the year, and they’re hypnotic which means they really help you generate a certain state and achieve a certain outcome and connect you very deeply with your unconscious mind. grab that from the link in the description and get practicing!

Until I see you next time, keep on embracing your beautiful and utterly unlimited potential!



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Are you the conscious or the unconscious creator of your life?

Are you the conscious or the unconscious creator of your life?

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – the place where you get to marry the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the extra hustle!

Are you the conscious creator of your life, or are you the unconscious creator of your life?

You see, there’s a BIG difference between the two and most people are completely unconscious – they don’t even realize that they ARE the creators of their life. So they’re doing it, but they have zero awareness of it. When that’s how you’re operating, it means you’re in victim mentality. It means you blame everything else and everyone around you for the things that aren’t going the way you’d like them and you feel a certain level of frustration with life because you’re not able to get what you want… and you’re getting way too many of the wrong things and, of course, the more you keep that up the worse it gets.

When you move into a space where you are the conscious creator of your life, what happens is – Number 1, you take 100% responsibility, but you also then step into a place of faith where you know and you have an awareness of how things work and you know what your path in that system is and you recognize that the rest of it is reliable, trustworthy, and will do what it always does.

That sounds reasonably easy, but the tricky bit is actually combining that understanding that you have 100% responsibility – that you ARE the creator and that the more you do it consciously, the more power you’re going to have – at the same time, you need to marry that up with a level of faith where you know this is your part of the process but it is only ONE step of the bigger system and the rest of it you really need to just hand over and get out of the way of.

It is marrying the sense of responsibility with this ability to have faith – that is what trips most people up.




What really helps you get past that?

When you are being told, “Yes I need to take responsibility. I am responsible for every single thing – good, bad, indifferent, it’s all just me” but at the same time you’re asked to have faith, the thing that gets in the way of that is fear. What helps get past the fear is clarity, is a sense of passion, is a sense of desire that is so strong that you’re willing to prove yourself right. That you’re willing to stick with it for long enough that it’s worth it to  you for the outcome, because you know what it means to you. That you keep doing it until you’ve proven yourself right enough times so that level of faith just comes effortlessly. That you no longer need to get yourself across the line of having that faith – or at least being able to act in alignment with somebody who has faith – but that you literally just have it and you can let go and completely and utterly relax.

So it really starts with that clarity. A really clear decision as to what is going to be worth it for you. You need to be able to tap into that thing deep within you because that it what’s going to give you the power.

Most people have absolutely no idea what it is they truly want and so they lack the power, desire, and staying power to actually stick with something long enough and to risk maybe being wrong just to prove to themselves that “Actually no, this IS what I need to do!”

This lack of clarity is really interesting, because people always know what they don’t want. We’re all really good at knowing what we don’t want, but knowing what we DO want? Whole different story, right?

So, once you’re clear, you know it’s worth it. You know it’s worth the risk, and you know it’s worth proving yourself right. If you can’t get to that place, then you end up stuck in your head and you end up confused and constantly second guessing yourself and kind of end up running on the spot. But once you get really connected and clear on what it is you want, you connect to your heart and that is where you then tap into that beautiful unconscious guidance that helps move you forward. Because your heart is part of your unconscious mind, and when you tune into that place, that is when you can access that higher intelligence, that inner knowing and all the little whispers and nudges you need to move you forward in that beautiful way. It’s like your inner guiding GPS. It’s that light in the darkness that moves you forward.

That’s the place you need to get to, so that you can then get to a place where you prove yourself right and then faith no longer becomes something that you need to work at, it’s just something you have.

So where do you begin?

Well, like I’ve said a few times now, you begin with clarity. You need to absolutely be clear and 100% connected in your heart as to what’s going to be worth it for you. The BEST way, by far, through all the work I’ve done, through everything I’ve studied, is by connecting at the unconscious level with your core values. Your core values are those things that words almost cannot define, but they’re what means EVERYTHING to you. They are what you will walk through fire for. They are the thing that you will get up in the morning for, that you will keep going for, and that you will be willing to take the risk and face the fear for.

Luckily for you, I have actually created a totally free ‘Uncover and connect to your Core Values Mini-course’  that you can do in your own time with me right there to guide you. So if you haven’t done that yet, or if you haven’t done it for a while, I encourage you to click the link in the description and uncover your core values, connect to them at that deep powerful level, and watch that light that shines in the dark come on brightly and lead the way for you.

Enjoy, and keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.



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Rant Alert: I’m sick of it… stop blaming the Universe!

Rant Alert: I’m sick of it… stop blaming the Universe!

Okay, this one should come with a warning label because I’m about to have a rant.

I’m sick of it. I’m so sick and tired of seeing and hearing women giving away their power.

The women I work with, who are generally in business for themselves (which is the biggest personal development journey you can ever take yourself on) are aware of their power. They’re aware that we are the creators of our lives and that we live in this intelligent universe that responds to us through our thoughts, words, and actions, emanating out as this signal that then has a feedback reaction happening, but here’s what I keep seeing over and over again. I keep seeing women, and I’m sure men do it too, saying “The universe is testing me. The universe is sending me a message.” They think that the universe “tests” them, that the universe sends them secret little messages, and that the universe judges them…  and I’m sick of it!




The universe does not test you, it does not judge you, and it does not send you secret messages. The universe is IMPARTIAL.

In fact, the universe isn’t a person, a thing, or a separate intelligence to you.

You. Are. The. Universe. YOU are the Universe.

It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t test, but YOU do. YOU second guess, YOU judge, and YOU put the hurdles in your way.

The universe is simply a matrix of intelligence that responds to your signal, and you’re the one who gets to choose what your signal is. The universe doesn’t actually get to choose how to respond to you. It responds to you only in one way – by feeding back to you what you are putting out. That is all it does!

It doesn’t modify the signal. It doesn’t say “Oooh, she’s not ready for this yet, let’s send back something different,” or “Let’s send a little test pattern first and see how she goes,” or “Oh God, she’s not ready for that yet. Who does she think she is?” The universe doesn’t do ANY of those things. The universe doesn’t get to judge. YOU get to judge, and you keep doing it!

You keep blaming the universe and giving away your power!

At the end of the day the only person who has the power to create your reality is YOU and I’m here to say, “Step up and own it!”

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say, “Oh yes, I want to manifest and create my reality, but the universe keeps judging and testing me.” Enough already! You are the universe! Step into it, own your power, I’m sick of it and I’m going to end this video right there.

Just do it, and keep embracing your unlimited potential! Come on, baby, you can do it!

Bye for now!


If you’re ready to step into your power and create the life you KNOW is meant to be yours, then get stuck into my library of hypnotic meditations. It will help you unleash the incredible power of your unconscious mind.

How to manifest more clients and money

How to manifest more clients and money

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – where we practice the art & science of Effectology – marrying the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the hustle!

Let’s talk about how to manifest more clients and money.

When you’re in business it’s really easy to get into the mindset and pattern of focusing on that you NEED the clients, you NEED the money (because you NEED to pay the bills), and how much you want them. What usually happens is you find that it’s not very long before the flow of clients and money starts to dry up even more. This is because your focus is then on the “lack” of what you want, on the fear of it not coming. That is then what this intelligent universe that we live in starts responding to.

You’re focusing on not enough, the fear of not enough, and that’s what you create more of. The key is to actually start becoming magnetic – magnetic to the clients, the money, and all the things it takes to have them in your business and your life.

The way you do that is by becoming this powerful, stable, source of attraction – becoming the magnet. A lot of people think that manifesting is about going out and trying to grab at things and reel them in. But manifesting – truly effortless, easy, and graceful manifesting, is actually about BEING the magnet. Magnetizing yourself and having the things come to you.

So, how do you become magnetic?




Well, you need to be strong, focused, centered, and powerful.

You need to become this powerful, attracting force that then magnetically draws the things you desire to you. It starts by being really aligned, by being grounded in who you are, by taking good care of yourself so that you’re not frazzled, and constantly thinking, “Well, I need to do this, I need to do that. Maybe I need to have this kind of client. Maybe I need to start speaking the language of this kind of person with that kind of problem. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.” You’re constantly looking outside of yourself, trying to figure out who you need to be to please them.

What you actually need to do is flip that around and become so grounded, so strong, and so powerful in who you are and what you are about that you then become irresistibly magnetic to the people who need what you have to offer. The more this is genuinely in alignment with who you truly are and what it is you’re here to do, so that you can just stand powerfully in the passion of it, in the belief in it, in the mission that is entirely and uniquely yours, the more irresistibly magnetic you will become to the people who need exactly what it is you have to offer.

So it is about knowing YOU and connecting to YOU at that deep and powerful level.

Because you know what? When you’re standing in that place of power, you could be selling paper clips or you could be selling toothpicks, and people will want to buy them from you because people still need paper clips and toothpicks. So whatever it is that is uniquely your thing, there is a market for it. The more powerful you are in your knowing that this is you, and speaking your message and getting it out there, the more clearly you will connect with those people and the more powerfully you will attract all the things you need in order to serve them.

So, the key to it is knowing yourself in a really deep and profound way.

And you start doing that by knowing what your core values are, by connecting to the deepest part of you at the unconscious level so that you do have that pure passion, that pure drive, that inspiration that comes from within that draws you forward in the direction of your dreams that makes you irresistibly magnetic.

If it’s been a while since you’ve done your core values or even if you think you know what they are, I truly invite you to grab my free mini course to uncover your core values, because the way I do it is unique. I take you deep into your unconscious mind and when you connect at that level you let go of all the “what you think you should be doing to please other people and who you think you should be to please other people” and instead you become powerfully connected to who you truly are at your core, at the deepest part of you. That is when you become irresistibly magnetic and you will manifest all the clients, all the money, and everything you need and desire… but you won’t even care so much anymore because you will be so lit up with the thing that truly is who you are and what it is you’re here to do.

So, grab it from the link in the description if you haven’t done that course in a while. It’s entirely free and I lead you through a process that I actually take my students through in live workshops and in the Effectology Method program… and it’s all yours!

I’m there to guide you with a live video, a workbook, and a guided meditation to take you deep, deep, deep within yourself.

Have fun with that! I’d love to hear what your core values are, so please feel welcome to leave me a comment.

Until next time, keep on embracing your gorgeous and unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


Uncover Your Core Values

Achieving Work Life Balance

Achieving Work Life Balance

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business. Where we practice the art and science of Effectology. Marrying the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the hustle.

Let’s talk about the key to achieving work life balance.

So, particularly if you’re in business, your own business AND if you’re a woman, and you have some kids and maybe a partner to boot, then you’ll probably be constantly chasing and wishing that you could reach this holy grail of work life balance. This utopian place where you’re on top of it all, work is getting done, life is being managed and you still manage to leave the house with hair and makeup in tact. Trust me, I put hair and makeup on just to record these videos. I don’t always look like this, so I totally know where you’re coming from.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years about work life balance.

It doesn’t actually exist.

There is no such thing as everything being in perfect balance. Especially if you’re in business and especially if you’re a woman. But there is such a thing as achieving balance within, as achieving a place where you feel balanced, where you feel centered, where you feel like everything is working itself out.

And, yep, sometimes there are little emergencies and sometimes the unexpected happens but you retain your center. You retain your balance.

That is the true meaning of work life balance.




Because, you know what, there is no real separation between you, work, and life. It is all the same thing. Especially when you’re in business for yourself. Your business IS your life. Your business is an integral part of you. You can’t separate it. You can’t divide your time up. You can’t divide your portions of time or your energy or what’s available up between work and life. It is all one. It is all part of you. Ultimately, that is actually the place you want to get to. Where you’re completely integrated and balanced. And whether “working” or spending time with your children it still lights you up and it fulfills you.

The key is to actually put yourself first and to make sure that you feel balanced and in alignment. That is the key to then managing everything that you’re having to manage on the outside of you.

And look, I know that sometimes, you just gotta get shit done and get back on top of things. If that’s what you need a hand with right now because before you can even start thinking about going to your yoga class or doing morning meditation and your brain is stuck on “But I just need to get on top of these 3, 4, 5 or a million things.” I urge you to pick just 5, maximum, of the most important things and grab yourself a copy of my effectiveness book. It’ll take you through the top tips and tricks I know for getting more done in less time and staying sane in the process. It’s a bit of a band-aid to be honest, because the key to actually achieving that state of balance, like I just said, is for you to actually get in alignment. But sometimes you just need to get some stuff done, then get in alignment, then get some more stuff done.

So, if you need that, please grab it from the link in the description.

Until I see you next time, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


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How to make Law of Attraction work for you

How to make Law of Attraction work for you

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business. The place where we practice the art and science of Effectology, which is all about marrying the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the hustle.

Today we’re going to talk about how to make Law of Attraction work for you.

So maybe you’ve read a whole lot of books and read a whole lot of blogs and watched a whole lot of videos and watched The Secret on instant auto replay over and over again. I’m told some people did that. Apparently… (Don’t know anyone who would have done such a silly thing, but anyway…)

You learned all you could because you got excited by this idea that we can put it out there, what it is we want, and actually create it. Have a say in what happens to us rather than just being these leaves being tossed in the breeze and life happening to us.

That is a really exciting idea isn’t it? Especially when you’ve been led to believe that life happens and you die.

If you’ve been working on that for a while and you’re getting mixed results maybe sometimes really cool things do happen, maybe sometimes nothing much seems to happen, and maybe at other times something crappy happens and you think “Ugh, how did I do that?!” or “Why did that even happen? Did I have anything to do with it?” then I’m here to tell you two very important things that will help you make Law of Attraction work for you:




The first is that, yep baby, you did create that crappy thing because Law of Attraction is ALWAYS on. There is no time out. There is no off switch. It is always working. This intelligence that surrounds us and we are a part of is constantly responding to us. So there is no time out. What this means is, that you have an opportunity, 24/7, to get feedback and to learn and to keep noticing what’s happening. You get results coming back all the time. Everything in your life is a result of Law of Attraction responding to you. Which means that you can constantly just pay attention, notice what’s going on, and learn from it and improve and really make Law of Attraction start to work for you.

The second thing to recognize is that, what this Law of Attraction responds to is not what you ask for but, what you MEAN. This intelligence, this matrix, this quantum field that we are a part of, it responds to your vibration. It responds to your electromagnetic signal that you are sending out into that universe, the multiverse, whatever name you want to give it. It responds to how you feel and what you truly mean. Not what you say. Not what you write down. Not the affirmations that you’re repeating a thousand time a day. They make absolutely no difference if what you’re actually feeling inside is fear, doubt, and worry.

So, it just comes down to something as simple as, how to make Law of Attraction work for you is to recognize:

Number one, that it is always working.

Number two, that is responding to you and your vibration, to how you feel.

Which means all you need to do is notice what’s going on, notice how you’re feeling, and notice how the universe is responding.

How are you feeling and what’s happening?

That’s it. It is as simple as that.

As you get better and better at noticing what is going on both inside you and outside of you and putting the two together, that is how you start to make Law of Attraction work for you.

If you’d like to get better at making it work for you, particularly in the area of money, then if you haven’t yet watched it, please grab yourself my free Money Manifesting Training.

I’ll pop the link in the description for you. It’s 25-minutes of punchy tips and tricks that will help you manifest more money more easily. There’s even a handy little cheat sheet that you can hold onto to remind you of what you learned in the video training.

Until next time, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


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