How to manifest your dream house… not.

How to manifest your dream house… not.

Today we’re going to talk about why leaving your shoes in the cupboard of the display home won’t help you manifest that home. 

Apparently, in display homes – especially those big lottery homes, they have to clear the cupboards of all the shoes people leave behind while they’re inspecting it.

That’s because people watched things like “The Secret” and decided that, “Okay. If I want to manifest this house and make it mine, I have to leave something of mine behind because I’m coming back. I need to leave my energy here, and I need to show the Universe that this is my house and I’m claiming it and I expect it to be mine.”

It’s kind of cute but it’s not going to get you the house.





Simply leaving your shoes in the cupboard does not get you the house.

First of all, make sure you buy a ticket 😊

Here are some things you CAN do to help you manifest that house – or another house like it:

The very first and most important thing is that you get in vibrational alignment with the version of you who lives in that type of house.

Because just showing up in the house and going, “Oh my god! This is so amazing! I’d love to live here. This is how millionaires live.” And then hiding your daggy pair of old Converse that you were going to throw away in the cupboard and thinking that’s going to do the job…. 

That won’t do the job.

The house and YOU can only come together when there is a vibrational match – when you are the kind of person who lives in that kind of house… who expects to live in that kind of house… when you think, speak, act and feel like the kind of person who lives in that kind of house.

Incidentally, things go a bit weird sometimes for people who win lotteries and so on.

There’s a huge percentage of lottery winners – a massive percentage of lottery winners – who go broke and go back to where they were before and even further back within just a few short years.

The reason is they haven’t upleveled THEMSELVES.

They haven’t BECOME the person who has that level of money, who has that level of abundance, who lives in that kind of house.

So forget about leaving your shoes in the cupboard and doing stuff on the outside of you that are just cute token gestures.

If you don’t shift who you fundamentally are… if you don’t start acting, feeling, thinking and being that person who is a match, it’s never ever going to happen.

You’re just going to go through lots of pairs of shoes, and become a real pain in the bum to those poor real estate agents who have to clean out the cupboard every single week.

Instead, when you walk through that house (Great thing to do by the way! Absolutely do it.), visualise yourself living there.

FEEL what it feels like to be that kind of person and notice where there are some resistances in the mix.

Maybe there’s the voice in the back of your head that says, “But… I couldn’t even afford to pay the rates on this house.” 

Notice these things and then make it your work to bridge the gap.

Bridge the vibrational gap.
Bridge the mindset gap.
And bridge the practical gap.

Because certain things require a certain level of habit and confidence with managing your finances around that level of income.

You need the practical skills and the practical habits down pat so you’re ready to go.

You need to have your mindset polished up so that you don’t end up blowing all the lottery winnings and ending up broke or back where you were.

And you need to become a vibrational match so that you can bring it into your experience in the first place.

So it’s mindset, manifesting and the practical side of things. All of those need to become a match.

Remember that it’s all about you actually becoming a match to the thing you desire.

It’s not about leaving your shoes in the cupboard. That won’t make the difference.

Now, if you want to make sure you get all the tweaks done that need to be tweaked within yourself so that you can become a match to all those things you desire – whether it’s the dream house, the dream income, the dream business, the dream holiday (or whatever it is) – then grab today’s freebie because it’s the perfect thing to help you take the next step on your journey.


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Going BEYOND money is the key to manifesting more money

Going BEYOND money is the key to manifesting more money

Now, I’m just going to come right out and say it and tell you: It’s not about the money.

Stop making it about the money – especially if you’d like some more money, you need to stop. You just need to stop making it about the money because it’s honestly not.

Let me explain a little bit more.





You want some more money. I get it. We all live in the same material world and money is important. And when this feeling of not enough or “I’d really like some more and I’ve worked really hard to get to the next level” kicks in, it can become a bit of a thorn in your side.

It can feel frustrating, and you can get a little bit obsessive about it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with money.

Money is fantastic.
Money is wonderful.
Money allows you to spread abundance throughout the world even more.

I love money.

But the thing is: The more you obsess about trying to get some more money, the harder you’re making it for yourself.

Because it’s really not about the money.

So take a step back and let me ask you: why do you want the money?

And you’ll tell me things like:

“I want to retire my husband.”
“Buy my dreamhouse.”
“I want to travel the world.”
“I want to start a foundation.”
“I want to run retreats.”
“I want to start a charity.”

There’s something there that you want the money for, right?

You don’t want the money just for the sake of the money. There’s something you want to DO with the money.

And the reason you want to do those things with the money is because of the way that you want to FEEL at the end of the day.

You want to feel the freedom.
You want to feel the ability to make choices… the ability to choose to spend your days however you like.
You want to feel that lightness, right?
You want to feel that joy… that happiness.
You want to be able to do whatever the hell you want to do without having to ask permission or look at your bank account or have to hustle even harder.
You want the freedom to do whatever it is you want to do in this life and to fully express yourself… to become the most abundant version of you.

So what you’re looking for is an abundance… a spiritual abundance. And the feeling of joy and happiness… of all these higher emotions. 

That’s what you’re really after.

Now, while you keep making it about the money, you’re really narrowing down your ability to call into your experience the things that you’re looking for.

Because the things you’re ultimately looking for have not much to do with money.

But you think that money is a necessary stepping stone along the way.

And so you’re kind of micro-focusing down on the money, thinking, “Well, if I don’t get the money, then I can’t have the other things.”

Rather than focusing on the end result that you actually want which is that joy… that happiness… those feelings of freedom and abundance.

And those feelings, they’re actually already available to you.

And what I see so many people do, is they realise that the feelings they’re after ultimately are available to them at some level, but they refuse to go there.

They won’t let themselves feel good.
They won’t let themselves feel abundant.
They won’t let themselves feel free and joyful.

Because they think, “Well, if I feel that now, then I won’t need the money. And then I might not ever get it. So if I don’t end up getting the money, then…”

Hang on.

You’ll feel joyful, free and abundant.

And HOW is that a problem???
Right…? Can you see where I’m going here?

If you can already feel that way, without needing the money to make it happen, then why wouldn’t you allow yourself to feel that way right now?

Because the reason you want the money is to get more of those feelings into your life.

When you’re holding yourself back and going, “No, I won’t allow myself to feel that way.

I’ll instead choose to feel worry and doubt and fear and be hard on myself that I haven’t worked hard enough and I haven’t nailed this manifesting thing yet and the Universe seems to deliver for everybody else except for me.”

While you stay stuck in that place…. you’re never going to be able to attract any of those things you’re looking for – least of all, the money!

Because the money is just one of the ways that what you’re ultimately after can come about.

And when you align energetically with the ultimate end result…
when you see it and believe it to be possible…
when you act like somebody who expects it to happen,
THAT’S when it can actually happen!!

And that’s when all the things you need to allow it to happen – including the money (or maybe there are other ways it can happen that don’t even involve money that you’ve not even considered) – that’s when all those things can actually happen.

So, the only way you’re ever going to get the money is by forgetting about it for a little while and focus beyond the money… on what you actually want the money for.

Because ultimately, it’s really not about the money anyway; it’s about feelings of ABUNDANCE. It’s about feelings of expansion.

It’s about feelings of being deserving, worthy and finally embracing everything that you know that’s been waiting for you… that the Universe had in store for you all along.

That’s what you’re really after, and you can have that right now.

And I’m telling you that as long as you keep denying yourself having that, you’re actually stopping not just that end result and that feeling you’re after (which is crazy when you think about it), you’re also stopping the money from coming.

So just leave it alone already!

Stop obsessing about the money; it’s not about the money. And start focusing all your energy… all your awareness on those ultimate end results you’re really after which is the happiness, the joy, the abundance, the expansion… that feeling of spiritual abundance… of fulfilment.

And when you do that, I promise you, the money and anything else you need to make it happen will come.

Now, if you’d like some help with that, I have linked in the description to this video one of my free resources that will help you take the next step.

So that you can stay focused on the vibration of abundance which will allow all the things that you desire and ones you’d never even dare to dream of to come into your experience.

Because true abundance… true wealth is an inside job.

It’s about feeling abundant and for your soul to be overflowing with all the goodness that the Universe has available for you to experience.

It’s incredible.

And that’s what I want for you most of all.


Why manifesting money is different and hard

Why manifesting money is different and hard

If you’ve been wondering why is it that you can manifest all sorts of cool stuff except for money, then this one is for you.

So, why is money different? Why is money hard?

Why is it though you can manifest beautiful car parks, or maybe you can win competitions or even holidays, or you can manifest the right man or woman of your dreams, but when it comes to money, it’s different. It’s hard.

Money doesn’t want to show up.
Money doesn’t want to flow.
And the harder you try, the worse it seems to get.

Well, I’m here to tell you the truth and the truth may sting.

But trust me, this is for your own good.

The reason that money is different and hard is because you’re making it so.





You decided at some point that money is different and money is hard. And this Universe is simply a reflection of your belief system… of your vibrational set-point. It will reflect back to you everything you believe to be true… everything you’re putting into it.

Because, really, all this Universe is an ocean of motion… an energetic soup. And you’re a part of that.

Your energy is constantly flowing out – transmitting out to the field – and then by law of resonance and law of attraction, you get matching things coming back to you.

Your vibration, as much as you think, “I want money.” You actually mean “I want money. Give me the money!”

What it actually is is:
“Why is money hard?”
“Money is different.”
“Money is still not showing up. It didn’t show up last time; I hope it shows up this time.”
“It better bloody show up this time.”
“Oh my god! It still hasn’t shown up yet.”
“There’s no money.”
“Money is hard.”
“Money is not showing up.”
“Why is money so different and so hard?”

That’s the vibration that you’re really sending out.

And so the Universe mirrors and echoes it back to you. It’s just an echo coming back to you.

That’s what your current financial situation is all about. It’s an echo of the vibration you’ve sent out into the field.

And I know this can be a little bit hard to swallow.

I’ve had to have moments where I need to sit down and go, “Yup.”
Really, the only person that you can blame or hold accountable is the person in the mirror.

This is not always what we want to hear when we’re not getting what we want.

But it is the truth.

And the reason that this keeps happening is because you probably have a tendency – like most humans – to reference what you expect to get in the future from what has happened in the past.

We’re surrounded by people – like our parents – who have been programmed into, “You’ve got to work hard for money.”
“Don’t ask for more than your fair share.”
“You don’t deserve that yet; you haven’t worked hard enough.”

All this sort of stuff.

“Don’t be greedy now.”

All these kinds of messages program us to believe that money is different and money is hard.

So every time you’re referencing the past, you’re driving looking at the rearview mirror thinking it’s your windshield.

What that means is that you end up in the same place over and over and over again. 

You’re using your past experience to create your future. 

It’s happening because you’re unconsciously in a habit of believing that the past is the truth. And by believing that the past is the truth, you make it your future.

But the truth is whatever you choose to make it.

The truth is whatever you choose it to be.

So, what you actually need to do is to make a decision that you will stop referencing your present and your future by the past because money doesn’t have memory. 

Energy doesn’t have memory; it just responds in the moment.

This law of vibration… law of resonance… it’s a moment by moment proposition.

So, whatever happened in the past, it’s totally irrelevant… unless you choose to remember it. Because then, you’re making it your current vibration which creates your future reality.

So you need to make that decision to draw a line in the sand and stop referencing everything you believe to be true by past experience because all it does is recreate it.

Draw a line in the sand and choose to start a fresh slate right now.

Wipe the slate clean. Start fresh. See what’s possible.

This can be challenging. It can be confronting.

And it does mean that if you’re not surrounded by the right kind of people it is difficult because this programming is all around us.

Most people aren’t even aware that they’re constantly repeating it. And so, people are running around the whole time programming and reprogramming one another into these old patterns… into these old belief systems.

So it’s really important that you get yourself a powerful community that gets it… that understands what you’re all about and that goes, “Yup. Even though this might be happening now, this is happening because of my past vibration and it’s totally irrelevant.”

The only thing that matters is what you choose now.
What you choose to think, believe… how you choose to speak and act right now in this moment. Because this moment is your moment of power where you create your future.

So, the reason that money is hard and is different has been (up until now) is because – up until now –  you chose to believe so.

Because up until now, you chose to reference everything by the past and by what you heard from other people.

And all you need to do to shift that is to stop referencing what you believe to be true about money based on the past experience and wipe the slate clean.

You can totally do this.

Surround yourself with the right people. Get some support. I’ve popped a link in the description to one of my free resources to help you with that… to help you stay on track.

So please grab that.

Find yourself an amazing community of like-minded women like my Manifesting Circle Facebook Group and make sure you immerse yourself deeply into an environment that will help you to wipe the slate clean every single day.

Because right now, you’re creating your future.

I’m going to leave it right there. You know what to do. The link is in the description.


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Why you’re manifesting more problems

Why you’re manifesting more problems

Contrast is when things happen that you prefer not to happen – usually what we label a ‘problem’. 

Or if you want to reframe it slightly, a challenge. 

Or if you want to reframe it even more, contrast that gives you clarity about what you DO actually want.

Here’s the thing with contrast…

See, we’re raised in this world where we’re told that when stuff is unwanted, we have to fight it really hard.

But what we actually do by doing that is… it’s like quicksand – the harder you fight it, the more it sucks you in!

It sucks you under and you cannot get away from it. What then actually happens is you start spinning on the spot.

You get stuck in the contrast. 

It’s all you can see and so you just keep activating more and more of the same.

It takes a little bit of retraining, so here’s how:





Be kind to yourself. Start becoming aware that when something happens, you have a choice on how you want to react.

Yes, some things will happen that will really upset you.

Some things will upset you just a little bit, and you can choose to allow yourself to get sucked into it and go deeper into the quicksand. 

Or, you can choose to go, “I don’t like that at all.” Then stop – pause. Realise it is this contrast thing, and this is an opportunity for you to get clarity on what it is you do actually want.

From there you have another choice:

Do you want to complain that you don’t have what you really want and instead you got this thing just now AGAIN that you don’t want, or do you go, “Thank you for giving me clarity that THIS is really what I want.” And let that go. Let it go down into the quicksand without you, and you go after THIS.

Start focusing on THIS. Start looking at ways you can make THIS happen. 

Start looking for evidence on how things like that, or little signs and glimpses of it are ALREADY appearing in your experience.

You’ll actually activate more and more of this, and you’ll start moving in that direction.

So the message from this Effectology  tip is simple: 

Use the contrast as the bouncing platform to take you in the direction of where you do actually want to go. Do not allow yourself to get sucked in by it and dragged under. Because you’ll end up stuck there.

That’s a really powerful tip.

Try it on little things. Don’t go for the biggest, most important problem in your life right now. Just try it on something little. Somebody not letting you in traffic. Or something that, really, is not a big deal and just use it.

Use it to train yourself to stop, step away from it and think, “This just gave me clarity on what I do want… what I do appreciate. And look how much evidence of that there is in my life.”

And you’ll start noticing some really major shifts and it doesn’t take very long.

Off you go.

Play with that and please come back and leave me some comments to let me know how it goes.

To help you step away from contrast so you can attract more money and abundance into your experience, jump on my ‘Manifesting Money Training’.

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