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I’m so excited you’re joining us in The Effectology™ Method program!!

What a HUGE moment! You’ve just declared that YOU are taking 100% charge of your life from here on!!

Take a beautiful deep breath & give yourself a minute to appreciate how powerful this step you’ve just taken is.

You’ve chosen to invest in yourself.  And this investment of time, money & intention will pay you dividends you NEVER could have imagined!

This single step you’ve taken just now will help you uncover, remember and dive into all that you already are and all that you’re capable of having, doing & being.

It’s a truly joyous moment and I’m so deeply happy for you.

I’m so excited to guide you on this journey of conscious evolution.

Stay happy!!

xx   Miriam

P.S. Please check you’ve received your confirmation email & ensure it’s not gooing to Spam.  You’ll receive details to access pre-study modules and further course infomration a couple of weeks before we start
P.P. S. Any Questions? Please email me anytime at [miriam@miriamcastilla.com] 


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