Transform into the most prosperous & abundant version of you – for the practical woman who still believes in a little magic.


And not just in a “wouldn’t it be nice to be rich“ kinda way.

But that deep knowing that the life you crave isn’t just some crazy fantasy.

That certainty that the business, the income, the lifestyle of your dreams is actually MEANT to be your reality one day.

The problem is the “one day” bit.
Because you’re working your little bippy off, and “one day” doesn’t seem to be getting any closer. 

It’s almost as if there’s a glass wall between the life you live and the one you know you’re meant for.

Maybe you’ve dabbled with the Law of Attraction from time to time and you seem to have nailed the easy stuff like scoring the perfect car park right near the entrance.
But when it comes to manifesting what you want for your business and your bank balance, it all seems so much harder.

That glass wall continues to stand between you and what you want because you only ever re-visit the Law of Attraction when you want to manifest something specific on your wishlist, or to get you out of a jam when the shit hits the fan.

And then you timidly approach it like Oliver with his empty bowl and whisper, “Please sir, can I have some more?”

And the Universe replies… “MORRRE?!?!…. Who dis??”


If you want to shatter that glass wall for good and finally create profound change in your life, you can’t keep treating these principles like an afterthought. Skimming the surface level will only bring surface level results. For deep and permanent change you need to apply these principles (you guessed it) deeply and permanently.

But luckily… that’s a lot easier than you might expect!

What if I told you that you could have a clear blueprint and an arsenal of tools at your disposal to start to uplevel to the most prosperous, abundant & fulfilled version of yourself TODAY?

What if you could feel totally confident that you can not only create EXACTLY what you want for your life, your business and your income… but that it could actually be EASY and… wait for it… FUN!!

And what if you had the tools to not only open those floodgates, but clear strategies to handle everything that’s about to pour in, without blowing it all like some over-enthusiastic lottery winner?  

It’s time to ditch the band-aid solutions and forget the ra-ra events where the only thing that lasts more than a few days afterwards is the lingering credit card debt you racked up to attend.


If you want to make that “one day” life your reality, you need a system that can pull it towards you on auto-pilot.

– You need to gain total clarity & a deep sense of purpose – by connecting to what truly lights you up at the deepest level, so that nothing will get in your way or make you doubt what you truly want.

– You need to become bullet proof to the distractions that keep pulling you off track – by immersing yourself in a simple, powerful and effective system until this ‘manifesting what you want’ thing becomes as second nature as brushing your teeth

– You need to clear the resistance & limiting beliefs that are holding you back – by going deep into your unconscious to create permanent change so that you stop going ‘2 steps forward & 1 step back’

– You need to clear any underlying fears of ‘not being able to handle more’ – by getting the confidence and tools to manage both your money & your time wisely so that you stop unconsciously blocking the flow and open those floodgates to receive what you want

And that is exactly what you will get with The Effectology™ Method.

Kick-arse practical strategies, giving you the know-how & confidence to call in more of what you REALLY want in life, 

underpinned by scientific principles & deep spiritual truths to help you do it the easy way,

mixed with a secret sprinkle of hypnosis to help you overcome obstacles, rewire your brain & change your life!



You want more of the good stuff – more money, more time, more joy and you’re ready to commit to a program that will finally make it happen.


You already have your own business or you’re dreaming of creating one.


You’re familiar with Law of Attraction and understand at some level that we are the creators of our lives, but you just need to figure out HOW it all works so that you can ramp up your results and manifest more than just fantastic car parks.


You feel your spiritual side calling you, but at the same time you’re highly practical so you’re not interested in a bunch of fluff and BS without any practical strategies.


You need a system that you can easily integrate into your everyday life so that you can attract what you want on auto-pilot without adding another 1,000 things to your to-do list.


You recognise that the odd seminar or workshop ain’t gonna cut it and that if you truly want to create abundance in your life, you need to fully immerse yourself in the process until it becomes second nature.


You care about your family but you realise it’s time to fill your OWN cup first to be the best woman you can be.


You want to make sure that all those grand plans for your biz success actually become a reality.


You’re ready to step up, kick-arse and find out just how incredible life can be when you create it YOUR way.

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Your Guide through this powerful 6 month program is Miriam Castilla, creator of The Effectology™ Method & The Effectology™ Manifesting Method.

Miriam Castilla is the International Bestselling Author of the book “Today’s Woman – Life Balance Secrets”.  She’s also an International Speaker, certified“Infinite Possibilities”  Trainer & Hypnotherapist.

As an expert in the workings of the Unconscious Mind, Miriam guides women to create and manifest an incredibly rewarding, fulfilling, balanced & prosperous life, showing them that they truly can have it all.

Miriam has been personally trained by & continues to work with Mike Dooley, author of Notes From The Universe, multiple NY Times Bestselling Author and one of the teachers featured in The Secret.

Miriam’s work sits at the powerful intersection of Science, Spirituality and Practicality.

She goes beyond simply showing her students how to create a life with more money and more time because as an ex-Engineer & qualified Finance Adviser (and having gone from broke, single mum of two young children to award winning business owner), she also provides them with practical tools and the confidence they need to manage their newfound abundance wisely.

This is the unique offering that is The Effectology Method – highly effective, practical strategies deeply rooted in spiritual truth, which guide participants to consciously evolve to a new level of success and fulfillment in ALL areas of life.


Weekly Lessons, Custom Hypnosis Audios and LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls throughout the 6 month program


Plenty of time and space to integrate your learnings so you don’t fall behind


Access to the Effectology Method Facebook Community for 24/7 support and guidance


Lifetime access to the modules and on-going access to attend the LIVE Q&A calls.



Free ticket to attend the “Thoughts Become Things Experience” Weekend – in-person or via video link.
This transformational weekend workshop is a great opportunity to meet other students, deepen your understanding and get hands-on practice of all the strategies you’ve learnt in The Effectology Method.


A signed copy of Miriam’s bestselling book ‘Today’s Woman – Life Balance Secrets’ which will show you how to break out of the people pleasing cycle and start to create a balanced and happy life that truly fulfills you.

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Get powerfully connected to what really makes you tick. Tap into your deepest passions and your sense of purpose like never before so that you can add serious fuel to your manifesting fire.
When you lay a strong foundation based on your deepest values, you will have the strength and resilience to keep moving forward with ease and grace, no matter what life throws at you.



Learn how to re-program your unconscious mind to connect to what you truly want and in turn, program the entire Universe to bring you all you need to fulfill your desire. You’ll watch in amazement as all the opportunities you need start to unfold in front of you.



Learn how to get in alignment with your vision & desires so they can easily flow into your experience. You’ll learn what to do – and what NOT to do to become irresistibly magnetic to what you want. Immerse yourself in the powerful practices both myself & my students use every single day to create our reality and start to experience the same magic in your own life.  



Get all the tools and support you need to sidestep any obstacles that threaten to derail your progress. Learn how to find the lessons and blessings in every situation so your challenges actually empower you, rather than weaken you.




This module is all about turning the money making tap on full blast. You will learn the specific skills for easily attracting money and remove any limiting beliefs that are blocking your flow of abundance. You’ll also learn practical strategies to wisely manage & multiply your newfound abundance so that it doesn’t disappear as quickly as it arrived.



One of the most coveted resources in the universe is time. In this module you will gain a host of practical tools to help you manage the precious time you have and make it stretch so much further. Easily and effortlessly stay on top of the opportunities you’ve manifested while still making sure there’s plenty of time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


The goals were there but achieving them was a hard slog and I knew there was something holding me back. I didn’t even know why or what was going on with me.

Something had to change.

After Miriam’s magic, everything changed.

My business has gone to a level that I was dreaming of and growing….I can feel there are no limits, it’s booming!   I am receiving love, help when I need it because I am finally OK with asking and receiving. I am receiving money for my profession and have let go of all those old beliefs around that! I have never been so clear in my life.

But what’s profound and what I am so grateful for, is that I am finally whole.

Life is so sweet. I am pinching myself.

Shonah Belvedere

This Shit Works! 🙂

Miriam gave me the skills to make every day better & to appreciate all that I have!

Robyn Williams

My colleague and I were working towards a sales target for a week and needed a commitment within 20 mins for us to qualify for more than double our bonus. We regrouped, reminded ourselves that we do this to be of service so to come from a place of love not desperation and then we used one of Miriam’s tools, yep, we had 20 minutes to spare and we played a game! A game of “That’s right!”

We lifted our vibration through the roof, inspired someone else to take action and in doing so we earned over $600 in bonuses!!!

This stuff works, it really really works!

Tavia Rankin

This course is life altering! I know that my life is going to continually get better & better with each of the skills I have learned. Highly recommend EVERYONE come along – the potential benefits are immeasurable!Get on it!

Cathy White

Becca Freeman

Karen Conlon

WOW I am transforming! Miriam you have planted the seed and my life is changed thank you! I now see the world through bright and warm glasses….I now have gratitude for the small blessings the everyday occurrences and I am not in limbo feeling there is something I should could or would do I just am and that is enough…. you can imagine my joy and surprise when yesterday at my daughters 9th birthday she impromptu announced with no encouragement or fore planning,’ we are now going to do meditation’…..something has changed in me and perhaps now in her….to be able to give her some tools that I learnt for my daughters to grow up knowing they are enough… I cannot express the power in that feeling xxx mwah mwah mwah I hope you all get to know you are enough too because when you believe it, the weight of the world is gone xxxx

Michelle Lewis

The life of your dream does NOT have to stay in fantasy-land. But crossing your fingers and wishing won’t bring it to you either.

It’s time to start consciously creating the life you want for yourself and your family.

Let’s work together to design the life you want, then open the Universal floodgates to allow your every desire to pour in, knowing you have all the practical systems in place to handle it all with ease & grace.

Join The Effectology Method Today & Create Life On Purpose!

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