How to have the energy to get through anything

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Have you noticed that some things just drain you? Just the thought of them makes you weak in the knees and want to crawl back into bed.

Meanwhile other things completely energise you. They uplift you and give you energy you didn’t know you had – even on days where you woke feeling a bit sluggish.

Where does this energy come from? Why do some things help you tap into it while others leave you feeling like you got bitten by an energy vampire?

That energy comes from deep within you, from the unconscious parts of you and so you simply can’t force it.

The trick to tapping into it is to understand what things will naturally help you access it and which won’t.

In this Effectology Tip:

  • how to tap into that unlimited energy source within you
  • how to get past the noise of your critical mind to figure it out
  • how to use this knowledge as a compass to to help you create an awesome life

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How to have the energy to get through anything

by Miriam Castilla