“Come on, baby…

Just buy the damn

roof racks!”

It was just a week before our much awaited summer holiday. We’d booked the house on the river months ago, foregoing the option of being closer to the beach. The plan was to get back into sail boarding, which had been Martin’s big passion years before.

However, with just a week to go, there was no sign of any sailboards – apart from those on his computer desktop and vision board.

“You don’t understand – the guy from the hire place isn’t getting back to me and they’re just way too expensive to buy. I don’t want to spend money on roof racks if I’m not going to have any sailboards!”

I did understand. I understood that we had a horse and we had a cart – except we were disagreeing on which was which…

“Why would you need sailboards if you don’t have any roof racks to carry them? Please just go get the roof racks!” I was getting increasingly frustrated… and so was he.

Maybe he just couldn’t face the nagging any longer – or maybe it’s because he actually does understand that things won’t just drop out of the sky if you don’t take positive action. The next day he went out to have roof racks fitted to his car.

“Are you happy now?”

Just forty eight hours later he was again pulling into the driveway, this time broadly grinning from ear to ear. The brand new roof racks were now heavily laden down by not one, but TWO new sailboards and a total of four sails. These had magically appeared online that day for an absolute steal!

It was a really powerful lesson and a reminder to us both.

Whenever you set a goal, there comes a point where you have to walk the talk. It’s not enough to put a picture on your vision board, then shy away from taking the final plunge. You have to set yourself up for delivery and take action.

Had we not been willing to risk driving to the coast with an empty set of roof racks, the sailboards never would have appeared out of seemingly thin air like that.

Faith is the secret spice that allows your dreams and goals to materialize, but here’s the (TWEETABLE!) thing we’re all prone to forget:

True Faith is not displayed by safely sitting back and waiting for things to drop out of the sky.

Faith is displayed by unambiguous action that sends a strong and clear message of the EXACT outcome you’re expecting. You simply can’t afford to sit on the fence.

You must be willing to risk failure and boldly take action that is in complete alignment with the realisation of your desired goal – in spite of all the evidence available at the time pointing to this being a pretty silly & futile idea.

The magical paradox is that via the very action of taking that risk, you’re utterly assuring the outcome.

Ain’t Life Incredible?

Until next time – stay gorgeous,

xox Miriam