Feeling overwhelmed

Overwhelming stress be a modern day plague.

Our mothers and grandmothers certainly never complained about it.

However, given the fast pace of our lives, the relentless demands on our time and how easily accessible we constantly are to everyone and everything via electronic media, it’s really no wonder stress has taken a stronghold in our lives.

We jam more into our days than our technologically disadvantaged forebears could ever have managed in a week, our brains straining to stay on top of it all. I’m sure sometimes even my electronic diary wants to let out a groan!

Allowing our brains to rest on a single thought for any significant period of time has become both a challenge and a luxury. We’re harassed by pings and dings at every turn. Even with the sound switched off, our pockets vibrate every time someone changes the venue for tomorrow’s coffee meeting.

So what can you do to save yourself from drowning in a sea of daily stress?

There are three simple steps that make a huge difference.

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