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Do You Have Enough Fuel In The Tank?

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Let’s continue on with this entrepreneurial woman’s journey to TRUST, TRANSFORM, and PROSPER so you can live a life of purpose, balance and abundance.

This the perfect trifecta I call “Effectology.” And I want to go back to the very beginning and talk about the trust.

It all starts with gaining clarity on who you are and what’s really important to you. When women I work are still be in a job and looking to take that leap of faith, that’s the part I ask them to focus on.

It’s all about understanding your core values and what really motivates and drives you.

Because when you get to the point when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed and you don’t even know who you are and what makes you tick anymore, it’s because you’ve been busy trying to please everybody else and meet their expectations. You’ve lost connection with what’s really important to you and what really motivates and drives you – and that is your Core Values.

In Effectology School, there’s actually a short DIY course on discovering your core values included for free – because it’s so important.

I want to talk a little bit about what we do there.

We sit down and actually address your core values. I get you to just brainstorm them and then you really need to sit down and go through that process of elimination to discover which is most important to you above all others. What would be the one you are not willing to let go of? This is not an easy process. It’s quite challenging because there’s all sorts of other things tied into it. There’s guilt and expectation and social conditioning of “these things should be important to us.” But it is not about the other people, it is truly just about you. You’re living your life, you’re the one you have to make happy and if you don’t understand what makes you happy, you can never hope to be that.



So Core Values are super, super important. I urge you to really look within and understand what motivates and drives you because that taps into that ancient, beautiful part of your brain – the cerebellum – which is motivated by pure emotion and it is the part of you that is going to give you that enthusiastic energy that seems endless. This is what’s going to help you take this entrepreneurial woman’s journey on and have that fuel in the tank where you can work late nights, work all weekend, where you just want to work all the time because you LOVE it so much! And the reason why you’re going to love it so much is that you’ve tapped into that part of your brain that drives and motivates that behaviour, that part of you that doesn’t have capacity for language and rationalising what should be important – the part of you that just goes, “I just love this, I want this, let’s just keep doing this!”

You want to tap into that part of you because that’s what’s going to sustain you on this journey and that’s what’s going to give you that beautiful sense of fulfilment as you’re traveling on the journey, because trust me, it is not about arriving at the other end! There is actually no other end. The reason I do all my graphics in circles is because you just keep going around and around and around. You’re actually spiralling to a higher plane but that journey is never ending and it just gets better and better and better as you go deeper and deeper and deeper but it all starts with your Core Values.

So I urge you to sit down, do a brainstorm and really ask yourself, “If I have to pick just one thing above all others, what would it be? What actually means the most to me?”

See how you go with that and if you want to type that in the comments below that would be great. I’d really love to see it!

Have yourself a beautiful day!

Stay happy!




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