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Photo by Stewardship - Transforming Generosity

Do you sometimes wonder why you’re so generous and others are not, then think maybe you’re a bit of a schmuck or a sucker?


Well, let me tell you that I believe you are no such thing. In fact, you’re pretty damn clever!

You always want to value yourself, absolutely but generosity is SUPER important. Your generosity and abundance are extremely co-dependent!

You see, when you’re generous, you’re sending out a message that you have plenty.

I’m not talking about flashing your cash to impress your friends here.

I’m talking about sending a vibrational message out into the Universe (as well as deep into your subconscious) that stems from how you FEEL.

When you GIVE, you feel ABUNDANT.

You feel GENEROUS, you feel VALUABLE… you just feel damn great.

The message you’re sending out is:


“I can easily afford to share.”

Not everyone understands this, so don’t feel used when a friend’s not being as generous as you are.

Be sure to always value yourself. NEVER sell yourself short. You are valuable and worthy and deserve abundance.

But when you CHOOSE to give, give unconditionally.

Ultimately, you’re doing it for you – not them.

Hugs, Miriam


Photo Credit: Stewardship – Transforming Generosity