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Pit Stop: How To Get Any Answer You Need

Do you ever struggle to remember something and later on when you’ve forgotten all about it, it suddenly pops in your head?

That is EXACTLY how to get any answer you need!!

Not by forgetting things, but by the power of asking a question and letting it go.

We all have access to cosmic consciousness and our unconscious mind is a huge supercomputer / warehouse of all information we’ve gathered along our lifetime/s.

Sometimes it’s just a bit tricky to find stuff in such a massive place…

Luckily the unconscious has lots of little minions that get to work, zipping around that warehouse to find anything you ask for. It’s just simply a process that takes some time (they only have those tiny legs, you know…)

And you have to let them go do their thing. If you just keep standing there telling them how you really need this thing & you can’t find it and they need to help you, you’re just holding them up from getting to work

So this is how your mind basically works – big warehouse, lots of minions.

When you understand this, you can use this to answer any question you need!

Just use AFFORMATIONS!!  (not affirmation, afformations!)

It’s when you ask things like, “I wonder how I can double my income in the next 12 months” or “I wonder how I will meet Mr Right without resorting to bars & dating sites?” or “I wonder how this sticky situation can magically resolve itself?”

In this video:

  • Where all ideas come from & how to tap in
  • How to shut up the monkey mind and let the answer come
  • The power of letting go

Let me know what YOU think below!

Have you ever used afformations?

xx Miriam

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