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Get In Front Of The Mirror

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Would you tell a young child they’re just not good enough?

Most of us understand the importance of encouragement and positive reinforcement and do our best to raise children with a health self esteem and good levels of confidence.

When it comes to the way we talk to ourselves, it’s often a totally different story!

We tell ourselves we’re stupid – we even say it out loud. We call ourselves names & berate ourselves for getting it wrong, yet again…

It’s downright cruel!

If others praise us, most of us are conditioned to deflect the praise and play it down. I know I personally had to make a deliberate effort to start to feel comfortable accepting compliments & praise.
If you want to know just how uncomfortable you are with accepting praise, even from  yourself, just get in front of the mirror!

In this video:

  • how to do mirror work
  • what mirror work will bring to light
  • your next steps

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