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Can I just say that my day yesterday was.. well, absolutely INCREDIBLE!

I’m talking picture perfect like a slightly cheesy Hollywood movie – probably a romantic comedy – one of those feel good movies that leave you feeling uplifted, yet slightly embarrassed at how much you’re just plain lovin”it.

Except – it was friggin‘ REAL! I just kept pinching myself – all day long… so am probably looking rather speckled today!

It felt as though the heavens opened up, the sun shone through a crack in the clouds and it suddenly just started pouring really cool stuff down on me. Have you ever had a day like that? This day was like that.

It was blessed, it ran on well-greased & micro-polished rails.


One amazing thing after another just kept coming, all day long.

It left me utterly gobsmacked – so I just have to write about it. Not to gloat, but to let you know that these days EXIST, that you too can have days like this, that MANY MORE days can be like this – for you, for me – for everyone.

What can I tell you? Things I’d been stuck on for months magically dissolved, things I’d been wishing for but worried were out of reach just fell into my lap, things I’d been dreaming of and visualising for YEARS took solid form right in front of my eyes and the little things that needed to happen NOW in order to make the next stage of my big dreams come true, were happening when I wasn’t even looking!

This day was like a pin-up brochure for all that I teach. EFFECTOLOGY is about creating life deliberately and managing it effectively. You know, really having your shit together. This day showed me the power of getting it JUST RIGHT and how WORTH IT it is to persevere and continue to refine it so that one sunny day… EVERYTHING can just fall into place.

It was all so ridiculously easy. It was like a magic carpet ride that swept me up and transported me into a virtual Aladdin’s Cave where I was handed the key to every single box of treasure and told to help myself. There was an army of helpers on stand-by, ready to home deliver whatever I desired. It was even well lit & smelled nice too! It was perfect.

I tell you why:  When you get it right, it IS easy but usually, we – in this case meaning “I” – get in our own way and stop it from unfolding. We poke our noses in, we meddle, we interfere where we shouldn’t and don’t do the things we should. We focus on all the wrong stuff and spend our time and energy messing it up instead of making it better. We do the wrong kind of work at the wrong time trying to MAKE things happen that are not yet ready to happen.

This Effectology thing is all about balance. And I don’t just mean that it gives you better life balance. What I mean is that it’s about learning, applying and continuing to practise the fine balancing act between the yin and the yang, the OUTSIDE WORK and the INSIDE WORK.

It’s about deliberately creating and then effectively managing the life you really want.

Today was a picture perfect demonstration of what can happen when those 2 sides of the equation come together in complete and utter harmony. There was perfect balance in my Universe.

This day was a perfect demonstration of how to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible by getting the outside work and the inside work to meet in the middle; of how easily things can be; of how obstacles can dissolve instantly and of the amazing magic that can happen – seemingly overnight!

Except it didn’t happen overnight (it rarely does) and it wasn’t magic (I’m no Harry Potter). It happened as a result of weeks, months and even years of continually evolving, of practising and perfecting the application of these principles, of doing both the inside and the outside work and learning how to finely balance them.

The OUTSIDE work is all about being effective in what you DO here in this physical world. It’s about managing yourself, your time and your habits, it’s about knowing WHAT to focus on first and knowing which tools and strategies will help you get the most important things done in the least possible amount of time and with the lowest possible amount of stress.

It’s about getting shit done.

This is a physical world we live in & there are always going to be things TO DO.

However, the INSIDE WORK is where all the power lies! It’s the rocket fuel in your tank, the secret sauce that will set you apart from the rest.

But sadly, most people think the outside work is all there and so they must have to work really hard.

They focus on the outside work and think the inside work is just a bit of fluff that makes you feel better about the struggle of everyday life. I don’t blame them. After all, the outside world is the thing we see, feel, taste, hear and touch each and every day. It’s the bit that’s RIGHT THERE – in our faces – it’s constantly ringing, pinging, reminding and nagging us and it’s generally just stressing us out.

Most people just want to know how to get more done in less time and are vaguely hopeful – but mainly doubtful – they’ll ever catch up on the backlog of ‘stuff’ that’s been piling up around them.

What they don’t understand is that working on the INSIDE first, makes the outside work SOOOOO much easier…!

You may have seen my Wheel of Momentum before:

Wheel of Momentum
Wheel of Momentum

It has 3 critical levers: Clarity, Focus & Strategy.

CLARITY & FOCUS are both mainly about what’s going on INSIDE, whereas STRATEGY is the only lever that’s about what’s going on OUTSIDE. It’s also needed to help you keep up the INSIDE work when the distractions of the OUTSIDE world start to creep in. It allows you to continue to build momentum as you practise fine-tuning the balance between the yin & the yang.

It’s about keeping your wheel moving so that you can end up having a day where you step back in awe and say; “Wow – This is the coolest day ever!”

And when that days comes, you will know unequivocally that you NEVER could’ve achieved it through sheer grunt work alone. And besides – there’s not that much fun in hard work anyway….

Enjoy the ride, fellow astronauts!

xx Miriam


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