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Pit Stop: How To Eat Whatever You Want


Do you worry about your food? Well, stop it!

They say that you are what you eat but if go beyond the physical and look at the metaphysical, I would say that “You are what you BELIEVE you eat!”

So many people beat themselves up for eating badly, telling themselves things like “I gain weight just by looking at food” – “I’m allergic to everything!”.

And if you believe that, it’s  exactly what you will get!

Your mind is super powerful & controls every function in your body. In fact, your unconscious mind RUNS your body – it keeps it breathing, digesting, circulating blood, eliminating toxins etc etc.

We’ve all seen people like the amazing Ice Man who can control his body through the power of his mind and survive ice baths that would kill most humans.

You don’t need to get that extreme but my message is this:

Stop beating yourself up over not eating perfectly!

It’s not going to help one bit. In fact, if anything, it will make matters worse for you!

In this video:

  • Why you should be able to digest rusty nails
  • How Tim Ferriss made my husband quit breakfast
  • Why vibration trumps everything.

After you watch, let me know what YOU think!

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