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Crossing the Finish LineWhy is it we don’t always finish what we started?

You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been guilty of it.

We start something new, full of best intentions, brimming with enthusiasm, and giddy with excitement. It might be a new project, a new business, a new exercise regime or even just a much needed spring clean at home.

But you know how it goes. At first, you’re out of the starting gates like a bull at the rodeo. Things are motoring along. You’re at every single gym class, showing up early for those business meetings or whatever it is you decided to commit to.

A bit further down the track, a couple of obstacles pop up. Maybe family or friends want your time or attention, something blows up at work or your partner really wants you to spend some time with them. So you figure, surely it can’t hurt to skip your new routine just this once.

Except, it’s not just this once. Before long, another obstacle crops up, then another and so on.

You suddenly realize your life is really full and fitting this extra thing in on a permanent basis will be a bit tricky. You start to feel stressed and wonder if you can really do it. Did you take on too much? Was it a dumb idea? Can you really do this?

Rather than pulling your socks up and figuring out how to make it work, you actually slack off a little bit more. You keep telling yourself it’s only temporary and once conditions change, you’ll be back into the swing of it. That makes you feel better.

People might ask what’s going on. Do you need some help; is there anything they can do to support you so you can make this work? Rather than appreciating their help and telling them the truth, you make a few excuses and start to feel resentful towards them. How dare they pressure you?

You start avoiding them to save yourself embarrassment.

Time goes by and your new venture fizzles out. Before long, it’s nothing but a distant memory of something you’d once thought about doing.

When it comes up in the future you tell people, “Yeah, I tried that once but it didn’t really work for me.”

Your life is back to exactly how it was before. Except – that’s not what you wanted, is it?

You started that thing because it was going to make a positive difference. You were prepared to put in a bit of effort, make some sacrifices and maybe go through some pain. You could actually see the end goal and its benefits and decided it would be well worth doing what it takes to get there.

Deep inside, you feel like you failed. Maybe you’re just not meant to reach that goal. Maybe it only works for others. For you, things are just different.

Maybe your life will always be just like it is now – it’s not all bad, anyway, is it? You wouldn’t have minded to have that little extra, but you can do without. Plenty of people do, after all.

This is the dialogue that goes on inside us. It happens to all of us and it is not at all uncommon, so don’t beat yourself up over it.

However, the truth is that you absolutely CAN finish what you started. Plenty of people do and truthfully, some of them have it a lot tougher than you do.

So what went wrong? What’s the missing link?

You’d probably love to try again, but you really don’t want to risk another disappointment. And if you don’t try, you can’t fail, right?

Well, I tell you this. If you really want it badly enough, you can absolutely do it.

Armed with a few tricks and the right approach, it’s not even all that difficult! Yes, I’m serious!

Here’s the key tools you’ll need in your bag of tricks:

1. Before you start, get really clear on WHY you’re doing it.

What’s the end result going to give you that will make the journey worthwhile? How important is it to you? If it doesn’t excite you, add huge value to your life and frighten you just a little bit, success will be difficult. Only take on goals that sit right with you and your core values.

This is where many people get unstuck. They take on something because they feel ‘it’s the right thing to do’, but their heart’s not really in it. No wonder the wheels fall off.

You need a goal big enough that you can sustain the journey.

If your desire is lawnmower fuel, you’ll struggle to launch a rocket.


2. Work that mindset, girl!

We accomplish in life exactly what we expect to accomplish.

Work on your mindset – always. It’s a lifelong exercise that never ends.

How you see yourself and what you feel you are deserving and worthy of, will always limit what you can achieve.

Find mentors, read books and hang out with people who understand this.

And watch your language!

What comes out of your mouth is representative of how you see your life.

Power Tip: When asked how you are, always reply, “Fantastic!”

This habit alone will change your life.


3. Phone a friend!

Ask someone supportive, positive and encouraging who BELIEVES in you to help you.

They don’t have to call you weekly to check on you, but ask if it’s OK you call them if you’re having a wobbly moment. If you really trust them, share your desire and reason for doing this with them and ask them to remind you of this when things get tough.

Be careful who you share your goals with.

Sadly, a lot of people – often completely subconsciously – will sabotage you with their words. You see, if you can break through it means they should be able to do the same And that often makes them uncomfortable.

Talk to someone really successful – they usually want nothing more than to see others succeed too.

Power Tip: If you don’t have the right person to share your goal with, be sure to write yourself a letter as to why you’re committing to doing this and why it’ll be worth pushing past obstacles. Read it when things get tough.


4. Give it a chance already!

So many people try something for only a couple of weeks and give up because ‘it doesn’t work’.

If you’ve been overweight for five or more years, can you really expect to drastically change your body shape and get fit in just a couple of weeks?

If you’ve been mismanaging your business for years, can you really expect your profits to drastically change within only a month or two of working with your new business coach?

If you’re starting a new business, do you really think you will reach overnight success when you’ve never done this before?

Give it a chance already!

Once you have absolute clarity on what it is you want to do and why, one of your biggest investments will be time and patience. Ask supportive people who have done this before what might be a realistic time frame for results. Then work it like hell for at least that period of time.

If you plant carrot seeds and continually pull them up, looking for the carrots, you won’t get much of a carrot harvest. Plant your seeds, nurture the soil and know the harvest will come – in the next season.

Power Tip: Set a realistic and long enough time frame to achieve an initial result and stop digging up those carrot seeds.


5. Manage your time wisely

Life is busy. For anyone looking to add yet another thing to the mix, they’ll have to keep their wits about them. Be willing to sacrifice something so you can have the new thing.

Do you watch TV? There’s several hours each day you can immediately free up!

You’ll need to learn to say ‘No’ to things. Get really good at it.

Power Tip for saying ‘No’: You don’t have to give a reason! You can simply say, “No, I’m so sorry I can’t.” Then leave it at that. You can also give them a reason and it can be very generic. Eg: “NO, sorry I can’t because I just have too much on at the moment.”

You’re entitled to control your own time.


Get these five steps right and finishing what you started will no longer be an issue for you.

There are no real secrets to breaking through to success. You just need the right tools and know how to use them.

It’s the little things that make a big difference.

Happy travels!

Xx Miriam

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