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How to gain clarity 2015.09.23_Overcome Overwhelm_CLARITYand overcome overwhelm, you ask?

Clarity is the first critical step for overcoming overwhelm.


In fact, it is the first critical lever on my Wheel of Momentum


At first glance, this may seem counter intuitive. I mean, here you are, SCREAMING but nobody can hear you – because you’re probably buried alive under a pile of papers, notes, overdue website updates, marketing activities, articles, blogs and phone call to important prospects to help you move FORWARD…


You’re royally stuck & the last thing you feel you have right now is clarity.


I’m telling you though, that in order to get yourself out of this pickle and start moving forward, you have to take some time out (not too much don’t panic – just a couple of hours will do the job – maybe use those ones you’re spending procrastinating on Facebook because you can’t face the growing pile of ‘things to do last month!’)


And you need to spend that time getting clear on a couple of things.


What things? OK, I’ll explain, but first:






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