So… do you know EXACTLY how to get all you want next year?

It’s almost the end of the year and those of us who love to set goals are busily getting the list ready for 2014. That’s great!

BUT… before you do, let’s look back on 2013.

Did you get all you wanted? 

If you did – you are amazing & you need to call me right now! We are going to be besties.

If you didn’t – the good news is you are fairly human.

Being human is all good and fine – there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, I’m pretty fond of the whole humanity thing and quite enjoy the company of the other humans.

One of the things I love most about being human is that we can constantly IMPROVE ourselves. I get a huge buzz out of that!

Learning how to get all you want is pretty easy. It all starts with asking yourself a simple question.

If you didn’t quite get what you wanted in 2013, could it be that you got exactly what you EXPECTED instead?

Let’s ponder over this question while we watch a short 2 minute video I made for you.

So… what do you think? Is there something in that?

You can learn how to get what you want quite easily. All it takes to get what you want is to understand very clearly the HUGE difference between WANTING and EXPECTING.

So, what I’d love you to do before you start setting your goals for 2014 is to review your 2013.

Have a look back at all you’d hoped for that you did achieve (and pat yourself lovingly on the back for me) and also look at all that you didn’t quite manage to make happen.

Then ask the question, “What did I actually EXPECT?” about each thing.

See what pops up when you ask the question.

We’re often too quick to jump ahead to plan the future and don’t take the time to re-evaluate past experiences. That’s a waste! ALL experiences – good or bad – hold valuable lessons for us.

I’m excited for all that’s ahead of you in 2014 but for now, let’s hang around and ponder 2013 together for a bit longer, okay?

Next week, I’ll give you a quick reminder on how to set kick-arse goals so we can get busy plotting your 2014.

Remember, your life is just ahead of you!

Chat soon,

xx Miriam