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You need focus if you want to stand any chance of overcoming overwhelm. 

How To Get More Focus To Overcome Overwhelm.


FOCUS is the second critical lever on the Wheel of Momentum. You want to grab a good hold of that little baby to give your wheel a big fat spin.


We all struggle with focus – we have distractions, addictions and bad habits that keep our focus sprayed all over the place.


But I’m talking about something that runs much deeper than just telling you to curb that Facebook habit if you want to get your shit together.


I’m talking about deciding WHAT to focus on (and what NOT To focus on ) that will make an immeasurable difference to easily your wheel of momentum will spin – and keep spinning…


If you want to get that baby humming along and continue to pick up pace, you better start paying attention to WHAT you’re focusing on.


Let me explain a bit more, explain, but first:





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