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Desire versus Yearning

How do you get what you desire? What do you have to do?

The first thing you need to do is understand the MASSIVE difference between desire and yearning. They may seem like the same thing at first, but that is only because we tend to equate desire with yearning.


And the reason we tend to equate desire with yearning is because we’re so used to NOT EXPECTING to get what we desire!


We think that desiring something is about missing it, about a feeling of lack, about NOT having it.


The thing is – if you focus on that and FEEL the yearning, your focus is on NOT having it which does very little to help you move TOWARDS having it!


This is such a seemingly subtle thing, but once you get it, it’s actually a chasm that you can liken to the grand canyon!


How do you tell the difference? Easy – just focus on how it feels…



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