Mates GoalsDo you know how to set powerful goals ?

Now that 2014 is starting to gather momentum, it’s a great time to review and get really clear on your goals for the year.

What are your goals for 2014? Not just in your work & business, but for your health, relationships, fun, friendship and for nourishing your beautiful soul?

Not sure? Why not set some time aside to write it all down & get clear. When you do, write your goals in the present tense and inject plenty of enthusiasm and gratitude to really turbo charge them.

I like to get an A4 writing pad and write ‘December 2014’ at the top, then start with ‘I’m so excited and utterly grateful that I now…” then list off my goals in each area as if they’re all achieved.

If you rewrite them each day, it not only helps keep you focused and attracting all the right things, it also helps you get ever clearer because each day you can tweak them a little.

My goal setting formula differs a bit from the commonly used ‘SMART’ goals. Instead, I like to call on my MATES.

Here’s a quick slideshow to explain:


So remember:

Have a wonderful day!

xx Miriam