Are you starting to feel the holiday stress seeping through you like painful poison only those closest to you know how to cook up?

How to survive the holidays ..

It’s meant to be a special time of year but for many people – especially women – the holidays can easily end up being a complete and utter nightmare.


It can become a perfect storm of family dynamics – whose house do you go to when – why the HELL did you offer to host AGAIN this year – why the BLEEP did you offer to cater all of it yourself – what on earth do you buy for everyone – when are you meant to find time to wrap these bloody presents and…god.. you just realised you haven’t even put up the tree yet!


How do you avoid becoming a little puddle of exhaustion, stress and tears by the end of Christmas Day and instead manage to actually enjoy yourself and time out with those you love the most?


Like most things, it always seems clear and easy when you step back from it a bit.

It comes back to basics – and to exactly the same question I ask you in the very first chapter of my book ‘Today’s Woman  Life Balance Secrets’:


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