Emergency StopWhen’s the last time you hit reset?

No – not on the PlayStation or the X-Box – on your mind!


Regular time out to let the stress pathways we lay down in our brains weaken is really important. Else you may end up having what I call ‘an unfortunate Banshee moment’ – or worse!



Let’s talk about it for a moment:


So please pretty please – right now, while it’s fresh on your mind and you’re nodding along in agreement:

  • Get your diary out.
  • Decide on a week you where you will have a break.
  • Grab your partners diary and block that week out in both of them.
  • Decide whether you’ll take the kids or make a runner.
  • Then book to go somewhere. Cheap motel rooms can be lots of fun!
  • Pay at least a 50% deposit so you know you’re locked into it.

Then feel welcome to send me a postcard 🙂

xx Miriam


Photo: victoriapeckham