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it ain't about the money honeywhy’d no-one tell me it’s not about the money??

When I started my personal development journey, I had just one single goal in mind: “Make more money!”

It seemed a logical & reasonable goal. I was a newly single mum of a 3 and 6-year-old, the legal bills were racking up and my income was less than my rent. I really needed some more money!

Mentors and teachers would talk about health & happiness, but I’d always want to skip forward to the money bit. Had someone told me it’s not about the money, I’d probably have thought they’d lost their marbles.

So like a woman possessed, I got to work and achieved my income goal.

When I got there, I realised two big things:

1 – Money stopped being important.

2 – I’d have reached that goal a lot quicker had I realised this in advance!

Once I’d reached my money goal, I stopped craving the money. My goals were now entirely different. They were all about nourishing my soul. I just wanted to spend more time with my family and have freedom to do as I please. Money was just a means to an end.

The moral of the story is:  

When you set an income or money goal, it’s the feeling the money can give you you’re really seeking.

When we’re feeling broke, we usually feel powerless, frustrated and frightened. Having more money can change that, absolutely. But it can turn out to be just a band-aid measure.

If you don’t address the feelings you’re craving first and work on generating them from within yourself, you can arrive at your income goal a burnt out shell of a (wo)man, still hiding all those insecurities under a bravado of “Hey, check out my new Audi!” And that house of cards you built could soon collapse again.

We usually have our lessons served to us over and over – until we get them. For some, it takes longer than others. If you’re a REALLY slow learner, you’ll likely end up a professional victim: “The world is against me, I’m convinced it’s all a conspiracy.”

Conversely and almost paradoxically, if you work on the underlying feelings first, it will also accelerate the money into your life! Now THAT’S what I call a bonus gift with purchase!

When you’re feeling confident, proud and positive you can take on the world. People and situations to generate more income will be drawn to you like a magnet.

This is what personal development is all about – developing you as a person, from the inside out. THAT’S how you create a really, really cool life.

Where to start? Ask yourself:

1 – Why do I want the money?

2 – How much do I want?

3 – What will it give me?

4 – How will that make me FEEL?

5 – What stops me from feeling that now?

6 – What could help me feel that way now? What qualities do I possess that should allow me to feel that way regardless of money? What activities can help me generate that feeling from INSIDE of me?

7  – Start doing those things!

8 – Watch the magic unfold.


Much love,  Miriam xx


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