We’re all guilty of it.

We say: “Sure, I’m happy to do it. No – really… I’d LOOOOVE to help!” Not long afterwards we think: ”You friggin’ idiot! What were you thinking??”

You probably know EXACTLY what I mean – especially if you’re a woman!

Here let’s talk about it a bit – mainly because I found a really funny clip to use 🙂

So here’s the thing.

If you struggle to say no, maybe you need to start by learning to ask for help.

This can be tough. It means you have to admit you’re human, less than perfect – not an invincible wonder woman.

You think that’s the problem here and why we get ourselves into these messes? A bit of pride, ego & bravado? I know, I know – we’re only wanting to help and please everyone. We want to be great sisters, friends, daughters, wives, mums, neighbours and employees, BUT – you know what? There’s only so much of us to go around! We just need to get comfortable with admitting that we have limits and can’t do it all. Else we’re our own worst enemy.

Another thing to remember is this: That whole wanting to help and be awesome for others thing..? THEY feel the same way when they get to help YOU!

So who are you to deprive them of that pleasure?

Every now & then it’s really awesome to just say: ”I have NO idea”, “Beats me!” Or: “Wouldn’t have a clue where to begin.” It’s liberating. You get to wash your hands of the matter & walk away. Seriously – try it! Go sit on the couch with a glass of chilled wine and read a great book. Let someone else work it out!

If we can stop pretending we’re invincible maybe people will stop buying our story and let us off the hook a bit more.

And don’t worry – they’ll respect and love you even more. Other women will mouth a silent ”Thank you.” Your honesty lets them off the hook too.

So do it for them. Ask for help BEFORE you crack, for Pete’s sake, woman! Else you may end up on YouTube like this poor thing. Learning to say no can save you a whole lot of embarrassment..

(PS: Reckon that relationship survived this little vid going public? I doubt it..)

NOW – Don’t forget I want to hear about YOU losing it, err… being wiser than that & how you go about asking for help before you crack. Please type away below.

xx Miriam