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Life Balance comes from balanced effort.

I love the things I learn from Yoga. I don’t know exactly where they come from. Maybe I’m able to receive those important life lessons because my mind is finally still enough to hear them – plus, I’m too busy concentrating on not falling over to argue, dismiss or second guess what comes through.

The art of ALLOWING is an important skill to master.  Allowing things to come through, to unfold, to make sense, to be and to flow – just stepping the hell out of the way.

We often get caught up in our ‘left brain’ world; planning, scheming and employing strategies and tactics to effect the life changes we desire.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s really important to spend the time doing that. Dreaming, planning, gaining clarity and getting some action happening towards our desired outcome is absolutely critical.

We need to show faith in the process, exercise patience and celebrate the little detours along the way as the adventures they are.

The more we try to force something to happen, the more we wear ourselves out and slow down our progress.

The universe has a wonderful way of making things work out. We are infinitely too small to truly see the big picture and understand the grand plan.

Stop struggling against the flow of life. If you’ve dreamed, planned, achieved clarity on your core values, made some clear decision and real changes to your daily actions, the final result is practically a given.

You then simply need to focus on continuing to do those daily things that will get you there.

Sometimes there will be detours along the way. Learn to be ok with that.

Maybe the reason you’re being steered around the shortcut over the bridge is because down that crummy little side street with the really slow-moving traffic you will actually meet the perfect person to help you on your journey.

There will be times when you get tired and feel like you’ve not had enough time with the family. There will be times when you feel you’ve not paid enough attention to your work or business – it all evens out when overall, your focus is on all the things that truly matter to you – the things in line with your core values.

Constantly second guessing and worrying about everything is unproductive. It’s like planting carrot seeds, watering and fertilising them religiously but also digging them up every now and then to see why nothing much has grown yet.

Just sow the seeds, fertilise and water them and then relax – knowing the fruits of your labour will appear in their own good time.


Miriam xx