Can you remember brushing

your teeth this morning?

I can’t..

We’re such creatures of habit, aren’t we?  It never ceases to amaze me how things that started out seemingly impossible become almost totally automatic – once we’ve repeated them often enough.

Can you remember first learning to ride a bike, drive a car, tie your shoe laces, even put on a jumper? If you have trouble remembering, just watch a small child when you get a chance. It’s hilarious!

As adults, we do these things without thinking. They’ve become habits, automatic thoughts deeply ingrained in our subconscious.

It keeps your heart beating & your lungs breathing without you having to think about it (can you imagine? in-out-in-out….all day long?) It also allows us to talk on the phone whilst driving, think about what’s for dinner while parking the car and is the reason we can’t even remember if we locked the house when we finally get to work!

We have other automatic thoughts too – let’s call these ‘Beliefs’. We don’t really stop to think about these either.  For example, you wouldn’t worry about the sun rising tomorrow. You just accept it based on your previous experience.

Similarly, you’d not expect to be able to juggle a set of knives or walk a tight rope . Those are abilities you’ve accepted you either have, or don’t have.

The things is: Yes – you may not be able to juggle knives at the moment, but you could learn! Have you tried? (ok – bad analogy – don’t do it)

Let’s go with playing an instrument, singing, painting or riding a horse. If you were told as a child that you were tone-deaf, lacked creativity and had no sense of balance, you’d probably not be game to try. Worse, if you had actually tried those things before and they didn’t work out so well, you’d be even less likely to believe you can do them.

But does that mean you couldn’t do them if you really wanted to?

How about if you were told some of these things & had accepted them into your subconscious: Making money is really hard – children will only give you grief – all men are bastards – rich people are unethical – nothing good ever happens to us – we always get ripped off – your house usually gets broken into every 2 years – there’s never a free car park near work – I just can’t lose any weight – my friends don’t really care about me…the list goes on & on.

Starting to see my point?

Once a belief has found its way into your subconscious, you’ll completely forget it’s there. You’ll also lose sight of the fact that it may not be true and can be changed.

Do you now understand why I asked you: “Are you willing to accept a new idea?”

You have to learn to be vigilant. Play detective. Pay attention!

The next time you think about something you’d love to do and find yourself shutting the thought out as ‘far fetched’, ‘impossible’ or ‘wishful thinking’: STOP.

Ask yourself if it’s really true or if you’ve simply allowed a subconscious thought to limit your experience of life.

What a tragedy that would be!

When a desire or dream comes up within you, don’t just dismiss it.  It’s your soul seeking its  expression, trying to help you remember what you’re capable of.

You’re capable of so much more than you can even imagine. Becoming aware of limiting beliefs is the start to achieving your dreams.

We’ll talk about how to replace them with more positive & empowering beliefs next time so you can become a more sexy, successful & inspired YOU.

How exciting!

Catch you then!

Much love,

Xx Miriam