Capture that magic holiday feeling all year round

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Do you find you have the best creative ideas when you least expect them? When you’re away on holiday for example, just switching off?

It happens to me every time!

I’ll be a couple of days in, relaxing by the pool or on a beautiful walk and suddenly I’ll be struck by inspiration after inspiration – pure liquid gold of ideas & insights coming to me hard & fast.

Usually it’s stuff I’d have KILLED for back home a few weeks earlier (or at least happily paid a business coach to help me come up with!)

Why is it that when I’m LEAST trying to procure that information, when I’m in a state of total relaxation, just letting the world pass by, that it suddenly comes on like an unstoppable avalanche?

Well, the first hint is in the question…

In this Effectology Tip:
● why the best ideas come when you least expect them
● how letting go of trying is what helps you catch the good stuff
● the No.1 way to capture that magic holiday feeling all year round!
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Capture that magic holiday feeling all year round

by Miriam Castilla