Are you ready to

Manifest Abundance,

Clear Your Money Blocks &

Take Control of Your Money?

Manifest more money,
clear your money blocks and
take control of your money!


You’re READY to shut up that annoying voice of doubt that’s often chattering in the background ‘”Bet you can’t have another month like that – It was only a fluke – You can’t keep this up – You still don’t know what you’re doing” …etc


You suffer silent money shame because you feel like you SHOULD be financially much further ahead by now, but you STILL stress & worry about money…  ALL THE TIME!


 You KNOW you get in your own way, but you’re clueless on WHAT to do about it. You give away too much for free, struggle to spend money on yourself and find that money ‘BURNS A HOLE IN YOUR POCKET’.


 Despite all your hard work and trying every mindset and business strategy in the book,  you STILL keep hitting an income ceiling … and you’re sick & tired of it.


 No matter how many affirmations you recite, how much you tap away or how many vision boards you make, if you’re honest with yourself, you still feel like ‘Who am I to think I can have this and have it be easy?” 


 You pretend to be all Miss Positive when it comes to money, but… when a big bill comes in or you need to look closely at your finances, you’re often hit with a feeling of panic and want to run for the hills… 

Tori Crewes:

I’m making 10x more money and having $10,000 weeks!

Tori Crewes:

I’m making 10x more money and having $10,000 weeks!

Magnetic Money has been  REVOLUTIONARY for me!

..transformed my relationship with money, helped me release my money shame and shift my biggest limiting beliefs.

I had never made that much money before! I only work part-time.

… money’s not an issue anymore….knowing there’s always enough money is life changing.

 Magnetic Money helps Entrepreneurial Women 

combine the MAGIC of the Universe with


alongside practical MONEY KNOW-HOW

so that you:


✔️ KEEP your money around for longer

✔️ And make your money GROW & MULTIPLY!

Magnetic Money Helps Entrepreneurial Women combine the MAGIC of the Universe with the POWER of the UNCONSCIOUS MIND alongside practical MONEY KNOW-HOW





Magnetic Money combines Science, Spirituality & Practicality to help you create a total money and mindset transformation.

The secret ingredient in Magnetic Money – which gets you LASTING results – is HYPNOSIS.

In Magnetic Money, you will become aware of & clear your money blocks, absolutely… BUT THAT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING!

You KNOW that simply thinking positive and tapping on your fears isn’t enough.

What you need is to REPROGRAM your mind and shift your old patterns.

In Magnetic Money we do this the quick, way using HYPNOSIS so you install powerful NEW BELIEFS about money & abundance. This is how you can start to truly FEEL ABUNDANT and allow more money to flow into your life,

We combine all this juicy mindset work with EASY MANIFESTING STRATEGIES to help you leverage the power of Law of Attraction AND help you set up a SIMPLE MONEY MANAGEMENT system so you can feel RELAXED & IN CONTROL of your money.

Your money will be set to grow & multiply on autopilot, while YOU enjoy a complete MONEY MAKEOVER .

Imagine the FREEDOM of never worrying about bills again, watching your savings grow,  debts reducing lightning fast & feeling totally relaxed because you KNOW there’s always plenty of money coming.

With Magnetic Money you transform your ability to ATTRACT more money, HOLD ONTO your money with joy & east and you discover how to make your money GROW & MULTIPLY

…or as we say in Magnetic Money: ‘make money babies…’ 😊


Tash Corbin:

One of the best money courses I have ever done and I’ve done a lot! 

Tash Corbin:

One of the best money courses I have ever done and I’ve done a lot! 

I have a new zero, I don’t ever go back down – it’s just up and then up and then up and then up.

A super-supportive, highly-engaged Facebook community I really love the support.

I really do think that Magnetic Money is one of the best money courses I have ever done.

I highly recommend it, please do check it out…

 Orit Krug:

From $2,000 a month to $10,000 in a day! (and that’s USD!)

 Orit Krug:

From $2,000 a month to $10,000 in a day! (and that’s USD!)

I learnt things in Magnetic Money you NEED to know if you want to manifest the business and life of your dreams.

Magnetic Money finally helped me move beyond my past blocks so I could finally COMMIT to doing the things that gave me the crucial solid foundation to make this kind of money.



Everyone is telling you to refine your message, improve your business strategy or find your voice. 

BUT the bottom line is that you want MORE MONEY!

So if you want to attract more money than you currently are, then you have to change your relationship with money!!!


To become MAGNETIC to money, you have to HEAL and TRANSFORM your RELATIONSHIP with money. 

To do that, you need a SYSTEM, a MENTOR and a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY.

The 3M’s of MOney ARE the key to transforming your relationship with money:


 MANIFEST more money by aligning with the vibration of abundance so you ATTRACT more money CONSISTENTLY.

► Transform your MINDSET by reprogramming your unconscious mind with HYPNOSIS. so you KEEP more money.

 Know how to MANAGE your money easily & with CONFIDENCE  so it  GROWS and MULTIPLIES.


Shonah Belvedere

$12,500  of bookings in 2 weeks – 

and a $10,000 week!


Shonah Belvedere

$12,500  of bookings in 2 weeks – 

and a $10,000 week!

…my bank balance wasn’t matching the work I was putting in – it was soul-destroying and I was mentally exhausted. 

… the best program I have invested in

… $12,500 worth of bookings in 2 weeks. I got a speaking gig. … an investor wanted me on her A-Team and huge projects everything was coming in!  Everything that I dreamt!

..  I’ve just got a $10,000 week and I have got a waiting list again… in a matter of 2 weeks!

Having gone from broke, single mum to owning two multiple 6-figure businesses, let me tell you that if I can do it, ANYONE CAN DO IT!

I’m on a mission to help you claim your financial power and show you how EASY it is once you know HOW.

It’s simply a matter of mastering the 3M’s of Money:

Money Manifesting,

Money Mindset

& Simple Money Management

Magnetic Money helps you permanently transform your relationship with money at all levels of being – CONSCIOUS, UNCONSCIOUS and SPIRITUAL.

You will finally be be able to ATTRACT money, HOLD money and have the know-how & confidence to help your money GROW & MULTIPLY

Magnetic Money takes you through a simple, HOLISTIC step-by-step approach that you can apply over and over again so you can CONTINUE to grow & expand in abundance! 

Magnetic Money is NOT a passive online course. This is a LIVE MENTORING PROGRAM with CONSTANT LIVE SUPPORT CALLS.

I’ll be there every step of the way to personally guide & support you.

With LIFETIME ACCESS and a supportive and inspiring COMMUNITY of like-minded women, you’ll have everything you need to HEAL and TRANSFORM your relationship with money so you become irresistibly MAGNETIC to MONEY.




Hi, I’m Miriam Castilla – Creator of the Magnetic Money™ Program



A MANIFESTING MENTOR and INFINITE POSSIBILITIES TRAINER who has personally trained & worked with Mike Dooley (of ‘’Notes from the Universe’ & ‘The Secret’).

I will show you how to apply Law of Attraction and leverage the power of the Universe so you become irresistibly MAGNETIC to MONEY. 

A HYPNOTHERAPIST who will help you REWIRE YOUR BRAIN to clear limiting beliefs so your money can stop disappearing and STICK AROUND for you to enjoy.

A former FINANCE PROFESSIONAL who has helped over 2,000 people take practical control over their money. I will help you feel EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT & IN CONTROL of your money as you set up your Magnetic Money System so your money starts to GROW & MULTIPLY… on autopilot!


 Years ago, I was broke, single mum with a defunct Engineering & Corporate Development career. There was even a day where I burst into tears at the supermarket because my groceries were $10 more than I could afford! 

(I hope this has never happened to you, although I’m sure you’ve had your own “Holy crap, I think I’m screwed!” moments about money)

 So I borrowed my friend’s copy of “The Secret” and set out to learn the Science & Psychology behind Law of Attraction. 

And it worked! 

A few years later, I’d built a successful business as a finance professional. 

But secretly I still felt broke! 

Even though I had a GREAT income, I was still stressed about money! (I was also a total workaholic and suffered a ton of mother’s guilt) 

Then I had an epiphany! 

No matter how much money I attracted, I would ALWAYS feel broke if I didn’t shift my underlying fear and that constant feeling of “It’s still not enough”.

I needed to transform my RELATIONSHIP with money and shift my MONEY PATTERNS.

So I got serious about learning what it takes to feel TRULY ABUNDANT, to let money flow more easily and have it stick around to grow & multiply.


I  learnt  to  master  the  3M’s  of  Money… and  I  hit  the  jackpot!


My business took off and hit MULTIPLE 6-figures, while my expenses & workload REDUCED! 

I was no longer lying awake at night worrying about money…  

This secret ‘formula’ is the Magnetic Money Trifecta. It’s based on a powerful combination of SCIENCE, SPIRITUALITY & PRACTICAL KNOW-HOW.

And it’s how you master the 3M’s of Money.


That’s how you:

ATTRACT more money

KEEP more money &

GROW your money!


I’ve now helped thousands of people change their financial situation (and their lives) for the better by showing them how to master this simple formula.  

My students have stepped into their power, claimed their abundance and attracted tens of thousands of dollars in extra income – per month and per day! 

For the first time in their lives, they feel CONFIDENT about money – knowing it will continue to flow and that there will always be enough.

This is my passion and mission – to put BILLIONS of dollars into the hands of WOMEN, who will do incredible good with it and shift the vibration of the planet.


When I see women like Tori

10X her income,

women like Shonah & Orit celebrating 

$10,000 weeks and $10,000 days

and women like Judi invoice

$50,000 in a month,

it absolutely makes my heart sing!




Anna Siebert:

From my last $500 to CONSISTENT $6,000 months and all debts paid off!

Anna Siebert:

From my last $500 to CONSISTENT $6,000 months and all debts paid off!

I was unbelievably surprised at how quickly things turned around and I kid you not, the next month in my business I had a $6,000 income month

Every single month suddenly went to $6,000

Within 4 months all my debts were paid off… I really wish I’d done it before ….

It’s a really effective and fun way to improve money…

..if you want to be a money magnet then I highly recommend it, it’s just been amazing!

Sharlene Lynch:

$20,000 Scholarship, $3,000 in the bank plus $500 cash in my hand!

Sharlene Lynch:

$20,000 Scholarship, $3,000 in the bank plus $500 cash in my hand!

…it’s an amazing investment.

Magnetic Money is the thing to do.

So wow!



INSTANT access to ALL 6 modules in the members area, including video lessons, downloadable resources & bonus calls. 

Get LIVE interactive support at all times. Join us for live support calls and/or watch the recordings – you’ll never miss a beat!

PRIVATE Magnetic Money Tribe Support Group. Our community of members are waiting to cheer you on… every step of the way.

LIFETIME ACCESS. You’ll stay in the program as long as it exists – no need to ever pay again!

30-DAY ‘No Awkward Questions ‘MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! You’ll have complete peace of mind that you’re in the perfect place with our super generous guarantee.

An amazing OPPORTUNITY. Magnetic Money is a transformational & life-changing program valued at over US$2,499 but you can access it right now for just a fraction of that price. It’s a total no-brainer! 

Emma Nally

I tripled my business!

Emma Nally

I tripled my business!

I haven’t ever done a program that’s been able to get so deep. It’s really become a way of life for me and it’s been really profound.

I’ve been able to triple my business in the last year…. I really highly recommend ..

….please do it because you will be doing yourself a favour…  It’s amazing!

Judi Cranston:

Huge shifts and I didn’t even finish – can’t wait to do it again!

Judi Cranston:

Huge shifts and I didn’t even finish – can’t wait to do it again!

I really don’t have that fear anymore which has been really massive for me. …..

…the stuff that you get out of it is amazing 

Go for it. It’s amazing and definitely made big changes in my life. 

Laura Dick:

All magically taken care of – there will ALWAYS be enough money.

Laura Dick:

All magically taken care of – there will ALWAYS be enough money.

I’ve had amazing results. 

..automated systems… there will always be enough money.  …

I can’t recommend it highly enough….

I’ve done it three times now

I highly recommend getting off the fence and jumping straight in because you most definitely will not regret it.






With our 30-day ‘No Questions Asked’ money back guarantee, you can start attracting more money immediately with absolutely NO RISK!


Join live support calls, review lessons, watch recordings & engage in the community for as long as the program exists  – without ever paying again!


Receive my constant & ongoing LIVE support where I answer all your questions and help you stay on track – all year round!



Before you set out on a journey, you need to know where you are, where you want to go and what you need along the way. This module sets you up for a successful journey by giving you a strong foundation of tools & understanding.


Everything is energy and the way you communicate with the Universe is through your vibration. In this module we focus on ensuring your signal is loud and crystal clear. You’ll become aware of the little things you do that make it hard for the Universe to deliver what you want and learn how to clean up your vibration.


It’s time to heal the past and dissolve those money blocks! Using powerful custom designed hypnotic processes, you’ll experience an incredible healing of your relationship with money, allowing you to attract much more of it, more easily & consistently.


It’s time to get ready to welcome money with open arms. Having ditched your old money blocks, this is where you create your new prosperity story and become totally magnetic to money that sticks! Imagine being able to finally trust that the money will always be there.


Money loves to be taken care of. You’ll be given simple tools to help you mange your money wisely with confidence. In this module, I guide you step by step as you set up your magnetic money management system – so all that extra money you’ve started attracting, can grow & multiply!


It’s time to hit autopilot on your wealth creation system. Get bills paid on time, every time, pay your debts off lightning fast & start creating real financial freedom. You’ll gain confidence and trust in your money and your money system, so that you can relax, knowing your wealth is growing… while you get on with the fun stuff!

You want a CONSISTENTLY INCREASING flow of money into your life.


You’re ready to master some practical money know-how so you can manage your money wisely with confidence and watch it GROW and MULTIPLY!


You’re ready to ditch your old money stories and discover how to enjoy a LOVING, TRUSTING & ABUNDANT relationship with money instead.


You want to be SUPPORTED on your journey and get RESULTS THAT LAST! 


Magnetic Money Satisfaction Guarantee, Terms & Conditions:

Here are the terms & conditions for the Magnetic Money program.  Please read carefully as your registration constitutes agreement to and acceptance of these conditions:


With your enrollment, you receive a 30-DAY ‘Over The Moon or Your Money Back’  GUARANTEE.

If for any reason, you decide this program isn’t for you after all, simply email support[@] (just take out the brackets)  within 30 days of original purchase to request a full refund. No awkward questions asked 😊

Please note this is a STRICT 30-day policy! Your refund request email must be received no later than Day 30 – the date of your initial registration is counted as Day 1.

This policy applies irrespective of your chosen payment plan, ie: you will receive a refund of ALL monies paid to date within 30 days. After 30 days, NO monies paid to date can be refunded.




Should a payment installment fail, our payment gateway will automatically try again after 2-5 business days. Simply ensure funds are available in your nominated account. 

Should you fall behind by more than 1 installment or any payment attempt fail three consecutive times, your program access will be suspended.
All payments must be brought up to date within 7 days to continue your membership in the program (this grace period will only be extended once). Failure to bring your account up to date or any subsequent account arrears as mentioned above will result in cancellation of your membership with all monies paid to date forfeited  

If you have any trouble meeting your payment obligations, please email us at support[@] (just take out the brackets).
We will work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible, so that you can continue to reap the benefits of this life-changing program.  We want you to prosper and effortlessly meet ALL your financial obligations!

If you have any questions about this program or these terms & conditions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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