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How To Think On Paper With Mind Maps

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Do you know how to think on paper?

With Mind Maps, that’s pretty much what you do. You think on paper & mirror the way your mind naturally works. It is so incredibly powerful – and FUN!

Have you ever struggled to get your head around a big, complex project?When there are too many pieces of the puzzle,a neat little list just doesn’t cut it. That’s when it’s time to look at Mind Maps.

They’re more than just pretty pictures. They’re an easy way to create a big picture overview of your project – without losing the detail – and they speak DIRECTLY to the way your mind naturally works!

Project planning is just one way to use Mind Maps. There are many more.

For example:

I often look back over my handwritten notes from workshops, webinars etc & struggle to make sense of them. Does that happen to you too?

When you take notes using a Mind Map, everything will wire itself into your memory so much better! It will just make sense – without all those extra words.

Alongside being the conscious creators of our lives, we also need to be the conscious managers of them. For that, we need some kick-butt practical tools that help us make the most of every wonderful minute and live life to the fullest.

Watch this video & I’ll show you an example & a great book that will help you start to tap into the power of Mind Maps.

In this Effectology Tip:

  • how to beat overwhelm on big, complex projects
  • the power of working with your mind rather than against it
  • how Mind Maps help you think on paper




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