You’re sick to death of bouncing like a yo-yo from money feast to famine 

You feel like you’re throwing everything at it, but STILL… your income won’t move up to the next level – and you can’t work out why!

Even though you’re making money in your business, money still feels like an issue.

You feel guilty spending money on yourself and keep having that nagging fear that the money won’t be there when you need it.

Discover how to take MAGICAL money manifesting steps and combine them with simple, PRACTICAL strategies to help you consistently attract MORE money so you can feel CONFIDENT that your money will stick around to grow & MULTIPLY.

Having gone from broke, single mum to multiple 6-figure business owner myself, let me tell you that if I can do it, ANYONE CAN DO IT!

I’m on a mission to help women claim their financial power and to show them just how EASY it is once you know how. You will be able to apply what you learn in this program over and over again, as you continue growing in income & abundance!  With me there to guide you through the Live program plus LIFETIME ACCESS, you’ll have all the support you need to HEAL and TRANSFORM your relationship with money.

It took me more than 12 years to finally learn that the secret to having MORE MONEY, MORE CONSISTENTLY is combining a healthy dose of the magical AND the practical – along with a secret sprinkling of HYPNOSIS to help create powerful change where it really counts – at the unconscious level.  

I’m not going to tell you to sit back, up your vibe and then watch the money magically start pouring in. We both know it doesn’t work like that. You’ve got to do the work.  The REAL WORK of getting into alignment with money & removing the resistance that’s been getting in your way. THAT’S what we do together in the Magnetic Money Program!

Over six weeks I’ll personally help you combine simple PRACTICAL steps I learnt in 12 years of running my Finance business (yes, I used to be a number crunching nerd…)  with the MAGICAL  (think, Infinite Possibilities Trainer working with Mike Dooley & Manifestor Mentor)… PLUS… as a Certified Hypnotherapist,Timeline Practitioner, I guide you through powerful HYPNOTIC PROCESSES  which I’ve specifically developed to help you UNCOVER & RELEASE YOUR MONEY BLOCKS.

It’s what I call The Magnetic Money Trifecta.

You will discover how to:

ATTRACT more money,

KEEP more money

and GROW your money.

Note: This is a program with LIVE ROUNDS as well as monthly support calls in between.  
You won’t just have a bunch of content dumped on you leaves you feeling overwhelmed.  In our live rounds, we move through the entire program together as a group. You will be fully supported and guided by myself and the entire Magnetic Money Tribe… every step of the way. With lifetime access, ongoing support and all live calls recorded, you’ll never miss a beat and have all the support you need to ensure you stay on track so you can completely heal & transform your relationship with money.


You’re ready to truly COMMIT to working on your relationship with money.

You’re willing and eager to be SUPPORTED on that journey to ensure you actually get RESULTS.

You want to learn the MAGICAL manifesting techniques that will ATTRACT all the money you want … along with the PRACTICAL STEPS you’ll need to manage it wisely with confidence … so your money STAYS AROUND and MULTIPLIES.

Magnetic Money is totally different to every other money program out there.

Here we marry the MAGICAL with the PRACTICAL & add a secret sprinkle of HYPNOSIS for REAL & LASTING RESULTS so you can TRUST that your money will always be there for you.


Instant access to all 6 modules in the members area. Including the video lessons & downloadable resources. You can start attracting more money, more consistently as soon as you like.

Live interactive support calls all year long. There are 6 weekly live support calls during live rounds PLUS monthly support calls in between. All support calls are recorded so you can watch them again and again whenever you like!

Access to the private Magnetic Money Tribe Facebook Group. Our community of members are ready to support and cheer you on every step of the way, to ensure you create huge transformation. And of course, I’m there as well..

Lifetime Access to the entire Magnetic Money program. Review lessons, catch up on recordings & join in future live rounds as often as you please for as long as this course exists! Most members join in again each and every round so they can continue to grow in abundance.



Enough is enough! Let’s draw a line in the sand. Before heading off on any journey it’s important to know your starting point & be well prepared. This week we get you set up for an incredible abundance journey by getting clear on exactly where you are now & where it is you want to go.


Everything is energy and the way you communicate with the Universe is through your vibration. This week we focus on ensuring your signal is loud and crystal clear. You’ll become aware of the little things you do that make it hard for the Universe to deliver what you want and learn how to clean up your vibration.


It’s time to heal the past and dissolve those money blocks! Using powerful custom designed hypnotic processes, you’ll experience an incredible healing of your relationship with money, allowing you to attract much more of it, more easily & consistently.


It’s time to get ready to welcome money with open arms. Having ditched your old money blocks, this is where you create your new prosperity story and become totally magnetic to money that sticks! Imagine being able to finally trust that the money will always be there…


Money loves to be taken care of. You’ll be given simple tools to help you mange your money wisely with confidence. In this module, I guide you to set up your own automatic wealth creation system so all that extra money you’ve started attracting can grow & multiply!


It’s time to press  ‘PLAY’ on your automated wealth creation system. Get bills paid on autopilot, pay debts off lightning fast & start creating real financial freedom. You’ll gain confidence and trust, so you can relax, knowing your money and your wealth are always growing… while you get on with the fun stuff!


Tori Crewes: I’m making 10x more money and having $10k weeks!

Magnetic Money has been REVOLUTIONARY for me!

It transformed my relationship with money, helped me release my money shame and shift my biggest limiting beliefs.

Within 3 weeks, I had 2x$2k weeks in my business. I had never made that much money before! I only work part-time.

I now FEEL CONFIDENT about money and we’ve paid off a lot of debt. I’ve found a space within myself where money’s not an issue anymore….knowing there’s always enough money is life changing.

Shonah Belvedere:  $12,500 worth of bookings in 2 weeks. . .  and I’ve just HAD a $10k week!

…my bank balance just wasn’t matching the amount of work I was putting in …it was soul destroying and I was mentally exhausted.  …everything did change. It was the best program I have invested in … enabled me to get $12,500 worth of bookings in 2 weeks. I got a speaking gig. I had an investor that wanted me to on her A-Team from out of town and like huge projects everything was coming in!  Everything that I dreamt! …  I’ve just got a $10k week and I have got a waiting list again. This is in a matter of 2 weeks! …. if you’re backing yourself in business but the money isn’t coming in – jump on, do this, it’s magic. Best part is it’s here forever.. all these learnings stay with you.It’s amazing! Do it!

Tash Corbin: One of the best money courses I have ever done and I’ve done a lot!

….The big difference for me with Miriam is that she has the third element of swooshing out your financial stuff into the practical world as a part of up-levelling your money and your abundance overall. 

…. every time I take my foot off the ‘accelerator’ I’m still actually aligned energetically and a great custodian of my money looking after my money effectively and so it’s more of an incremental increase and I have a new zero, I don’t ever go back down – it’s just up and then up and then up and then up.

A super-supportive, highly-engaged Facebook community I really love the support. …..I really do think that Magnetic Money is one of the best money courses that I have ever done and I’ve done a lot of them, as I said. So I highly recommend it, please do check it out…

Sharlene Lynch: $20,000 Scholarship, $3,000 appeared in the bank plus $500 cash in my hand!

..I feel really, really strongly about the Magnetic Money program. I think it’s an amazing investment. I’ve been in business now for 28 years and have run several, very successful businesses … I just noticed there were strange sort of things … money would come in and money would go out.

When I got large sums of money – strange things were happening like it would just disappear…Magnetic Money is the thing to do. … for me in the short space of time that I’ve done the Magnetic Money I have manifested a $20,000 scholarship that was just recently, $3,000 just appeared in my bank account, $500 cash literally into my hand, and I’ve also manifested the perfect man. …..So wow!

Lots of things have happened. So that’s just to mention a few, … it’s been absolutely amazing so thanks Miriam!

Anna Siebert: From the last $500 in the bank to CONSISTENT $6k months and all debts paid off!

…eventually I got down to essentially my last $500.. I said to my husband, ‘I’m going to do this course and after that, I’m just going to accept the fact that I gave this really, really hard shot and that it didn’t work out.’ ..I was unbelievably surprised at how quickly things turned around and I kid you not, the next month in my business I had a $6k income month which you know I’m talking before that I was going backwards.

Every single month suddenly went to $6k I think
within 4 months all my debts were paid off… I really wished that I’d done it before …. Miriam just made it so easy and she made it a lot of fun.

You join a really great community of women and there’s some really great friendships that I’ve developed out of it as well… Miriam blends the energetic and the practical really, really well so it’s not scary – it’s really effective and fun way to improve money… if you want to be a money magnet then I highly recommend her course, it’s just been amazing!

Emma Nally: I tripled my business!

… it’s really been profound – the change in my subconscious minds, the limiting beliefs, the fears, all of that stuff that I had going on around money..I haven’t ever done a program that’s been able to get so deep… It’s really become a way of life for me and it’s been really profound.

I’ve been able to triple my business in the last year and I don’t think I could have done it without you. So thank you Miriam, it’s been such a pleasure to work with you and I really highly recommend anyone who wants to or has been thinking of working with Miriam, please do it because you will be doing yourself a favour… she’s so supportive and it’s such a safe space to really express what’s going on for you and really getting rid of those money blocks…

 It’s amazing!

Laura Dick: All magically taken care of – there will ALWAYS be enough money.

I’ve had amazing results as a result of doing that work.. a really good blend of the more magical things like law of attraction … …some really good practical and easy tips that really will make a big change for you. One of the biggest things that I found is setting up some automated systems …. all magically taken care of and I know that the money that is in my main account is there for me to have a little bit of fun with. …  

I don’t have to worry about how much money is in my account, will it be enough to cover the bills… there will always be enough money.  … I can’t recommend it highly enough…. I’ve done it three times now and every time I do it, I get something more out of that. So if you’re thinking about it I highly recommend getting off the fence and jumping straight in because you most definitely will not regret it.

Judi Cranston: Huge shifts and I didn’t even finish – can’t wait to do it again!

I have noticed huge shifts in my money consciousness and how I’m looking after my money. … I know where every dollar goes… I’m not gripped so much by this internal fear. … , I really don’t have that fear anymore which has been really massive for me. …..

I didn’t actually finish the course and I’m looking forward to going back and finishing… So if you’re thinking about joining I would really suggest that you just go ahead even if you don’t finish the stuff that you get out of it is amazing and the fact that you go back and do it again I think it’s even more. ….. Fear is not a truth.

So if you’re fearful about joining then you know, ignore that… sink back into your heart space and what’s that telling you … go for it. It’s amazing and definitely made big changes in my life. I’m looking forward to the next round.

your no-risk investment:


Yep, 14-DAYsOver The Moon or Your Money Back’  GUARANTEE

Please note this is a STRICT 14-day policy. See full details in the terms & conditions below.

Lifetime Access to the program for as long as IT is in existence.

Review lessons, catch up on recordings & join in future live rounds as often as you please for as long as this course exists!

6 weekly live support calls during live rounds PLUS 1 per month in between..

All support calls are recorded . Watch them again and again whenever you like!

You want to learn the MAGICAL manifesting techniques that will CONSISTENTLY ATTRACT all the money you want into your life.

You’re keen to learn and implement the PRACTICAL STEPS that helps you manage your money wisely & with confidence so it STAYS AROUND and MULTIPLIES.

You’re ready to have a LOVING relationship with money.

You’re willing and eager to be SUPPORTED on that journey to ensure you actually get RESULTS. 

Magnetic Money is totally different to every other money program out there.

We marry the MAGICAL with the PRACTICAL & add a secret sprinkle of HYPNOSIS for REAL & LASTING RESULTS so you can TRUST that your money will always be there for you.

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Satisfaction Guarantee, Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for the Magnetic Money Program are simple.


With your enrolment, you receive a 14-DAY ‘Over The Moon or Your Money Back’  GUARANTEE:
If for any reason, you decide this program isn’t for you after all, simply email support[@] (just take out the brackets)  within 14 days of original purchase to request a full refund. No awkward questions asked 🙂

Please note this is a STRICT 14-day policy. Your email requesting a refund must be received no later than Day 14 with date of initial registration being Day 1.

This policy applies irrespective of your chosen payment plan, ie: you receive a fund of ALL monies paid to date within 14 days. After 14 days, NO monies paid to date will be refunded.


Should an instalment be missed, our payment gateway will automatically try again after 2-5 business days. Should a payment remain outstanding for more than 7 business days without satisfactory communication or resolution, your membership access will be cancelled and all monies paid to date forfeited.

If you have any trouble meeting your payment obligations, please contact us. We’ll gladly work with you to resolve the issue so we can keep you in the program. We want you to prosper and meet ALL your financial obligations.

Agreement to and terms & conditions of any alternative payment arrangements are solely at our discretion.

If you have any questions about this program or the terms & conditions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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